Wednesday, April 23, 2008


After two weeks of blogging I finally got my big break. Haha. I just finished my first post for Yahoo Sports. Every Wednesday I will create a post for Yahoo which I think it's going to be pretty cool stuff. It's funny cause I don't feel nervous about putting anything on my own website, but I've been worried about every sentence I typed for that blog. I mean, I really don't want to sound like an idiot football player on the first day of my writing career. Anyways, I did a post about draft day when I was a rookie, so everyone will have to go check it out.

Oh yea, the store on the website should be up within the next couple of days. I think we're going to have some cool stuff. We had some shirts made and I have a ton of signed jerseys and pictures. I also kept a ton of game used stuff that's we'll be putting up. I even cleaned out my garage Monday and Tuesday and I found some real prizes....kidding. Cleaning out the garage was a huge pain in the ass though.

Anyways, thanks for reading and it would be cool if anyone wanted to get back to me on what they thought of the Yahoo stuff. Thanks again.

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I guess it's not up yet?
Otherwise the link is wrong.
Otherwise, my navigation skills with regard to the internets are lacking.
Congrats on the writing gig either way.

yep. It seems to not be up yet. Can we custom order signed stuff? I would love to see a picture of you and Albright, with "check out this ingrown hair" on it.

Yeah I checked it out as well and it doesn't appear to be up yet. Congrats on your great website and new blog on Yahoo. I always enjoy listening to you on EITM as well. Hail Skins!

Hey just wanted to say you sound like a kool dude. Heard you on Elliot in the morning. Also you have been a great asset to the Washington Redskins, I have been a fan all my life and have seen some great ones and you certainly rank up there.

Hey Chris! Love the blog. If Christi hasn't already bugged you about this, you need to get some t-shirts in girl sizes. I'm all about pimping out your website- but I need to be HOT while doing it :)
Take Care

Now that is one nice looking shirt. Can't wait to read the Yahoo entries.

I just came from the Yahoo! Blog and I must say, great entry. I didn't start following football until the 2004 season, so I wasn't exactly following that draft. I think it's odd how Bill Parcells had you pegged as a special teamer and now you're a Pro Bowler. I'm looking forward to next Wednesday!

hey Chris! thanks for taking the time to blog for us! You are such a refreshing soul in the world of TO's and Chad's. Thanks for keeping it real and not succumbing to the whole fame thing :o) you rock!

nice post - fresh & honest. just one more reason you'll continue to stick it to the cowboys year in and year out, no doubt.

Chris! Great post on Yahoo man! I really liked it. Came across excellent and I really enjoyed reading it.

Loved your Yahoo post! Great job...keep it up.

CC - Love the post for Yahoo. Love that you're a Redskin, I really enjoy your writing - and good job not listening to Bill Parcells - That guy is a punk. GO SKINS

chaos that was post was put together very well. I almost want to call BS on you being new to this blogging thing, because your blog entries are killer and the links you throw into them are TOO funny.

good job, man.

Makes you wonder what Bill Parcells was thinking the second Cowboys game in 2005...

Chris...looked for the website but it's not up yet. You are the coolest, so down to earth & I think that's why your so like. Not meantion that your talent on the field. I will be happy to represent your site...just tell us how to get the shirt. Tried this AM from DC 101 but couldn't get through. Huge Redskins fan all my life, good luck this year...we love ya. GO SKINS!

Great 'blog' entry for yahoo! Gotta love those draft jitters. At least you didn't end up in freefall like brady quinn last year.

I can't wait until you get the store open. I have a 47 jersey I need signed, but I may make due with a signed helmet from the store.

It's tough being a Redskins fan in Eagle country!

so..if i call that number on your caller ID can I ask for Coach Zorn? ha ha


Yahoo piece was money, especially the bit about Bill Parcells. I hope you continue guest posts anywhere and everywhere on the internet, because you're one of the most entertaining sports figures in the NFL. Keep it up.

Nice entry on Shutdown Corner CC! You didn't sound like a dunce at all. Way to represent the Skins! And Parcells is whack.

You're getting too big, too fast on this blogging stuff. Kinda liked the relatively small community that was checking it out daily.
Pretty soon the idiots from Eagle nation will catch wind of this and ruin a good thing.
Keep it up until then, this blog is great!

Special teams player? Good call parcells. The 3 touchown game against the boys a few years back must have felt even better. Keep up with the good stuff here and at yahoo.

This is FlakjacketAlex, not the small cap alex. Thanks for checking out my band. Cooolleeyyy you are one of the big reasons I will be a Redskins fan forever. You fit in with the mentality of this team, and you're already an icon to Redskins fans.

My friend John is a Chiefs fan and he LOVES you and Sellers, the 'Redskins beasts.'

Lastly...for now, loved the Yahoo blog. Represent.


So, did you wring some bills out of Yahoo for that post? Good stuff and PLEASE keep the posts coming. It'd be enjoyable to get the skinny throughout the season (I dig the fake Todd blog, but, well, there's only so many posts about lounging around a hot tub with Brady, Cristal, and blow that a man can take.)

Great Post Chris. Always look forward to your blogs. I checked out the Beach Blitz website today and didn't see your name up there as attending. Are you gonna make it this year? I know it's only a week before you tie the knot. HTTR.

You do get awesome all the time.

haha.. love it.

"A parade of naked women could have run by and I wouldnt have taken my eye off the TV"

Than there is a link, to a google image search of Maxim....I seriously was nearly in tears when I clicked that. You're the man, Chris.

Even though I'm sure you'd make a great Special Teams player, I like you just fine in the Pro Bowl TE role. I read Yahoo! everyday and I must say your post was better than some "professional" bloggers on the site.

Everyone at the Hard Times in Herndon says hello!

I read your Yahoo! blog on the draft. I know Parcells was just being himself, but to tell you that you wouldn't be a starter in this league and your only a special teamer? Get outta here with that. I'm glad we got you because you are a beast here and we appreciate everything that you do.

Anywho, keep it up i'm loving the blog. Any way we can get a little video diary or something? Just a thought.

Something tells me that Parcels was trying to negotiate a low contract.

Great Yahoo post, don't be nervous, it's not like you're standing in front of 100k people...

Dude, the shirts? How can I get my hands on some? The shop isn't up yet, but will they be there? Keep up the good work, man.

Only fitting you landed with the 'Skins to agitate those dang cowboys for years to come. GO SKINS!

Chris, you did a great job w/the Yahoo blog! You're actually a great writer. After catching up on some of your earlier posts I read about your rewarding visit to the childrens' hospital in San Diego. My nephew was in Childrens' Hospital in D.C. awhile back and the Caps used to come visit them, which the kids absolutely loved. I was curious if the Skins have a similar program? If not, I think you'd be a great person to spearhead something like that. Thanks so much for the blog, it's so interesting and I just love it! Now we all know for sure what we thought was true all along, you are one great down to Earth guy, on and off the field! Much love!

Hey dude - your banner font seemed like it was grainy, not web friendly. So I made a new one for you with the same size, same image - just fixed the font. You can check it here, and use it if you want.

Dude...this site is awesome...I have a biochemistry test tomorrow but I just wasted like 2 hours on this site. Thanks for the distraction and congrats on the yahoo spot.

Chris, found your blog on Yahoo first as I go there every day. Loved it and found the link to here and just read all of the posts. Thanks for good writing on Yahoo. Looking forward to reading more. Seems I can't get enough Redskins and I love having you on the team.

nice yahoo post, honesty was refreshing. keep writing and keep the H back position alive!

So you probably have enough comments about the yahoo piece, but since I was watching the draft that day for you, I thought I'd put in my two cents. I was hoping you would go to the Chiefs, because I wanted Brooke to be a Chiefs fan, but I was ecstatic when you went to my 2nd favorite team. I love watching dreams come true and that was a great day. Your article did a fantastic job of capturing the moment!

Fun Football roll playing game. Join up league is starting this weekend.

Hi Chris, is going to stream a live discussion around the NFL Draft tomorrow starting at 2:30p. The "DraftCast" will focus on the Washington Redskins-- I thought you and your blog fans might be interested in checking it out!

-Molly Gannon
WPNI Publicity Coordinator

Yahoo Sports? Welp, I guess I'll just keep it real and "respect that hustle."

Props to any movement.

Just a heads up! My boyfriend and I wore your website shirt to the beach blitz this past weekend! Tons of people asked about it =) Hopefully it will bring some newbies out! =D

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