Monday, June 7, 2010

Tribute to Phillip Post

from Redskins Blog

Chris Cooley's two-day football camp this weekend was a success, not just at teaching the fundamentals of football to the students, but as a tribute to a Redskins fan.When 28 year-old Phillip Post II died in a car accident a year ago, his family received money to help pay for the funeral -- a funeral, it should be noted, where the deceased was laid to rest in a Redskins jersey. And when there was still money left over, Post's parents decided to use it how they believed their son would want: to send seventeen kids to learn football from Chris Cooley. FOX-5 has the details:

"I know he would have loved this," Mr. Post said aloud. "Oh yeah," rejoined his wife, "He'd want to BE here, but..."
Mr. Post squeezed his wife's side, and added after a few seconds of silence: "He is here. He's here through all of us."

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