Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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nice chris we miss you at chilis tysons corner

Classic Cooley....


Hey- you all should come visit Hawaii until the snow melts!

Can we get the calendar to April already!!

ahh another classic game of backyard baseball..It never gets old. Go Skins

When do you think they'll make it a Winter Olympic sport???? I say it has potential!

Chris your gloves are sweet!!!!!

Good game! Wow, Tanner really planted you, though!

I wanted to see more of the outfield action. Where the heck did Taylor go??

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Chris, Are you working out? You've been out for so long b/c of your injury. Are you going to be in the best shape of your life for 2010?

F the curveball Ricky...give em the heater!

Chris you should go ahead and alert Mike that you are gonna be late to training camp while you finish out your professional Baseball season! He should understand!
I saw Tanner step into that pitch of yours on purpose! He is obviously jealous, and was looking for a reason to charge the mound!

Great to see Chris Moving around again, Hey Chris PLEASE DONT GET HURT OUT THERE. LOL


I loved it when the dog looked back at you when you told her to get it's ass out there quicker.

almost like 'shutup'

Wow, McNabb comes to the Skins. Very interesting.

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