Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TC: Heisman Snub

Toby Gerhart should have been the Heisman trophy winner. How can a guy that rushes for 100 yards in 10 games and score multiple touchdowns in nine of those games not get the trophy? Maybe its the same reason we will be seeing Boise State play TCU.

The only reasons I could come up with were that one, Ingram had an unreal game against Florida who most considered the best team in the country. Two, he plays in the SEC. And finally, and this is just me, he better fits the traditional mold of a running back.

Now I know that a valid excuse will come up when comparing this year's SEC to this year's Pac 10. But who gives a shit? Gerhart had two of his best games against top 10 ranked opponents. He lead a team that, without him, would be playing in the Holiday bowl at best. And he won the Doak Walker award, which by definition, is given to the best running back of the year. So how does he not take home a Heisman trophy?

The award should go to the best player in college football. Not the best player that plays on the best team. This Heisman race this year was a joke which is unfortunate for the fans. All we want to see is the best guy go home with the trophy. This individual award was clearly given to Mark Ingram based on other criteria. I am beginning to think that the Heisman race and the BCS are one of the same, money makers.

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couldn't agree more, tanner. not to take anything from ingram, who was outstanding, but gerhart got robbed.

I couldn't agree more, Tanner. The vote was a complete joke, for all the reasons you point out. Plus, that "unreal game" that Ingram had against Flordia was the equivalent of Gerhart's THIRD WORST game of this season. And even though a lot of people consider the SEC to be the best conference in the country, show me another #9 conference ranked team as good as Washington was this year -- they beat USC and have one of the best QBs in the country! When you factor in the way the Pac-10 schedule is structured, it's safe to say that Toby played tougher defenses week-to-week than Ingram did.

All in all, the outcome was brutal, and Toby was robbed. Now watch him put up 300 against Oklahoma.

Best player in the country this Year was Tate from Notre Dame. He didn't have a bad game all year. He wasn't considered because Notre Dame was awful again.

I would have vote for Suh. That dude was a monster.

Haven't thought much of the highs-man since Colt did not win...

Suh is a beast.

It's too bad that the Heisman is a skilled position award and doesn't go to the best college football player in the country.

Just ask Colt McCoy and the Texas offense how good Suh is!

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I would also like to point out that Ingram was held to 30 yards the week before the SEC Championship by an UNRANKED Auburn team.

Also, Florida's star defensive player (Dunlap) was popped for a DUI the week of the championship, therefore did not get to play.

For humor- check out a fellow blogger's Letter to Charlie Strong from Ingram-

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