Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I just wanted to quickly state there was no judgement passed by me in my conversation on the radio yesterday. The conversation turned to the play calling technique used by the offense of the Washington Redskins. I was asked what was happening and provided an explanation. (Note: The same explanation that was provided and explained in detail on the game broadcast this week.) While I did add our new system was strange, it has started to work for our team. I have no problem with what's going on in our huddle and am excited about how our offense and Jason Campbell is performing as of late.

I also stated that I'm proud of how our head coach has handled the situation and prepared the team to play hard every week. It's not an easy task for any coach and I feel like we have played hard and been in every game - even with the plethora of injuries.

Again, I am passing no judgement toward our team. I simply explained what was going on.

Lastly, it sucks were losing and it sucks for me that I can't help the team. I would like to say that I'm completely behind the coaches, players, our owner and our organization. This has been a great home for me for the last six years and I am proud to be a Redskin.

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You didn't say anything wrong Chris. You were just reiterating what's already well known about the odd play calling system. And you're right--it's strange, but it does seem to be working. Don't be baited by the talk show gabbers!
"I am proud to be a Redskin"...
We're all proud of you too, Chris. You truly are a Real Redskin.

Hey slackass why aren't the post on this blog more frequent then once a week? Your on IR which means a little rehab then tour off. Quite playing with yourself and get active on YOUR BLOG!!!!!

P.S. Still waiting for the on the boat, colt and cp all not playing so there is no excuse....

Chris- you are a pro in every way. Cooley is synonymous with the modern Redskins like Baugh and Riggins in the past.

I'm looking forward to seeing brighter days with you and Colt all healed up and back in ACTION!


Chris - Get well and use this year as motivation for next year...Next issue, whats the deal with your Fan photo contest? Havent heard anything since the voting closed awhile back.

Chris you are a true professional.

Well it is a shame you would even have to post this. Anyone that does not think you are 100 percent devoted to the Redskins obviously have not been paying attention. You are one of things that helps us fans endure times like these! Nobody likes losing, but that is why every player on every team gets paid to play. Someone has to lose unfortunately it has been us. I love the heart I have been seeing of late. We lost some heartbreakers, but I enjoyed watching the effort! Get well and continue to bleed burgandy!

Dude, you were right!

Forget 'em if the truth hurts!

Chris I must be honest me being a Cowboys fan, it really prides to see guys lose. I love to see you guys lose. The truth is that you are a very talented team, the problem with you guys is the people who run the team. The Redskins will never be good as long as you people running the show that don't have a clue football. You can bring in all the stars and superstars it change a thing. But hey this is making my day. Wish you best of luck.......

Then show up on the sidelines and be the biggest Redskins fan out there! Be the guy that doesn't let his teammates get down after a bad play and/or series. CP was clappin' on the sidelines after a concussion, Samuels is there being a supporter...who cares if you're in a boot or crutches...let your boys know you're fighting with them on the sidelines instead of your couch.

sketchflyer is right! You should be on the sidelines each Sunday cheering your boys on! You've got be the team leader next year (after spring cleaning puts you as one of the most-veteran on the team) and you should start filling that position now. We miss seeing you on the grid, but would love to see you on the sidelines!

I really HOPE we trade you in the off season. The redskins need draft picks in the worst way and your the only guy on offense who will draw a decent draft pick because no team would want that actress clinton portis or jason campbell and his bone head descion making.

Chris, know how you feel about JC but let's be real. He can't read defenses and consistantly throws into double and sometimes even triple coverage. We lost to the eagles because of his 2 interceptions that led to 2 field goals to lose that game and threw another interception in the Dallas game when we were close to field goal range that probably would have won that game. I know you and others have defended him in the past and in the future but lets face the facts. JC is a great athlete but he aint no QB, not of the quality the Skins need now or in the future. You can say what you want but it wasnt injuries, it wasnt the front office, it wasnt the lack of an offensive line and it wasnt because Coach Z wasnt calling the plays that we lost those 2 games. It was because JC is not and will never be an effective QB. Heal quickly and all I want for Xmas from Santa is a # 47 jersey!

Us (the fans) and the organization know you are behind the redskins. And the offense has stepped up their game as of lately but I think a lot of that has to do with teams wondering who will get the ball. We will be back next year strong and chris cooley will be a threat catching the ball once again. Who should be worried about their job is people in the secondary that blow coverage constantly. Hail to the redskins!!! Hope saints choke after cheating in dc last week. I'm routing for the afc in the superbowl. I'm out

Jason cambell is a good qb you impatient morons on here. Look at our past, we always give up on quarterbacks, trade them and they come back to haunt us later. Skins fans need to suck it up, defense has let us down lately. Jason looked like Joe Montana last week bc we had decent protection. His biggest problem is knowing when to tuck it and run.

It sucks not having you out there man, for sure it would of been another pro bowl year. I still rock my Chris Cooley jersey every Sunday. But wow what a disappointment this year. We have a lot of talent, but we are just not executing. And I think we need my boy Sean Taylor out there R.I.P. =(
For Christmas, all I want is to beat Dallas at home! Lets get some swag back!
Get healthy Chris, we sure miss you!
-Joe Torres
El Paso, TX

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