Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dallas At Home

I have an amazing feeling of humility this morning as I'm crashed on my couch, plastic boot strapped tightly to my foot, crutches at my side. I feel almost ashamed to be four footing my ritualistic goalpost game to Yoder, but at the same time I'll have to control my anxiety, trading in my helmet for a barbecue sandwich and a beer.

What I can say, even from my couch is this is a game we can definitely win. While Dallas may like to downplay the gravity of this rivalry, there will be no denying that we will show up to play. Plus, with a refreshed mo hawk, Yoder is primed to continue his red zone prominence.

Although it's been surreal being separated from the guys this week, my heart is with the Skins in Dallas this week and I will be ready to celebrate when we get home.

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Bummed as you are that you're not playing. You kill Dallas, you and Tana are the Cowboy killers and you'll be sorely missed!

Hope you get better soon and we get you back on the field the next time we play the Girls.

Thanks for keeping the faith and believing in your team -- even when you aren't suited up. Go 'skins!

Man we need you in Dallas so badddd!! Get well soon!

Cooley...why the hell are you at home? Even Chris Samuels (out of the season) was on the sidelines supporting his teammates!

Man- 3.5 quarters of Redskins football. I had the W in my eyes all the way to the Hail Mary.

Seriously man, how pissed were you at missing the Cowboys game? You always seem to elevate your game to another level against them.

Hey CC, sorry you missed this one, We could have used you here. I have been a Skins fan all of my life, 44 now, and wish you all could enjoy the feelings We had in the 80's and early 90's. I hope you and your teamates take us old salt with a bit of grain there, WE want you all to bring back the Glory We once felt, The Super Bowl Wins, The Ring on your finger............ I myself came down on you a bit early this season, I am sorry for that. Why? You said it yourself, you are now a Caps fan, and you would never boo.
I have booed myself, in RFK in fact. Never saw a win in RFK, I watched Gary Clark sit at the end of the bench after a lose to the Giants, sat there for a long time after the game, got up and threw his helmut, I felt that frustration as I feel it now. We just want you all to feel what is like to be a champion, We want you to get that ring, We want You to earn IT, Soon........HTTR

Todd yoder looks like "bull hurly" from that cheesy arm wrestling 80 s movie with sly stallone. It was called over the top, check out a clip of todd arm wrestling sly

Now back to Football, I have to tell you in my 30+ years of cheering for this team this is the worst season. I am counting the weeks till the season ends. This team is painful to watch, im sorry because im sure all the guys work their asses of in practice but as a fan its just brutal to watch this mess on sundays.London fletcher is a great i wish the whole team played with his passion on EVERY PLAY.

I think as any other die hard skin fan. Yes, we're not doin good. This is obvious! No sense in kickin the horse while its down folks. I think it's obvious that the problem isn't the play calling, it isn't the coach, And well i have a love hate thing when it comes down too Campbell. ;)AND NEXT YEAR I WANT TO SEE NOTHIN BUT OFFENSIVE LINEMEN DRAFTED! HTTR! We'll get Dallas next time! December 27th! Chalk it Up! LOVE MY SKINS WIN OR LOSE!

Chris, you are awesome! You are totally clutch and always come through! Thank you. My boyfriend is an athelete and was out of commission after major knee surgery a year ago. I have some idea of how hard being injured must be for you. HANG IN THERE and take it easy till you're ALL better. We need you more next year than this year. :)

All I have to say about the Dallas game is that my Redskins dominated that whole game till the last 3 minutes...with 8 players out! Who do we have on our O line right now? But I didn't see Ware getting to Jason. What's that tell you. And Hayensworth is a wuss. He sits out every other play and misses practice and misses DALLAS cuz his ankle hurts!? He should stay on that treadmill even after his ankle's better and get some conditioning. I'm glad he got reminded that we had the #4 defense in the NFL last year without him. Maybe he can try playing with a little more passion. Redskins outplayed Dallas. Had Suisham made that 30-some yard field goal, we'd have won. And, again, that's with second and third string linemen and running. Great job Rock! And even Jason did good on 3rd downs. Keep him in shotgun! Go Skins. Efff Dallas!

I'm gonna have to disagree with the Haynesworth thing. I firmly believe had he been playin Barber and Jones would have been put in check up the middle. We allowed way to many big yards up the gut. I liked the fact we didn't allow the deep ball though. Thought that was a big plus especially playin Dallas.

Man that Hawk is the REAL deal. Yodes looks like a damn pro wrastler. Stay up CC47 cause we all got ya back. Keepin the faith out here in CALI for the men in burgandy out in D.C. I know one thing...they better get you the Damn ball next year cause i say F#ck 26...screw fat Albert...your the best player we got.

Adam_Schefter just reported that Redskins placed tight end Chris Cooley

Sorry to here Skins places you On IR :(

But take time to heal and come back hard next year!

Can we get Ryan Zimmerman to come in to teach JC to slide, like the Jets got Girardi to teach Sanchez?

Greetings from Denmark
Good luck on beating the Cowgirls this week as I Giants fan we need all the help we can get.
Always been a fan of yours and when you recommended Celek on your MMQB on SI I picked him in the 9-10th round in my fantasy league and he is a big part of me going to the playoffs.
If you have more tips before next years draft you should make a post about it the Celek recommendation were gold since my first TE pick were Boss.

Thanks Again
Copenhagen, Denmark

Suisham is a bum he was a plant by Jerry jones. Cost us this game just like he costs us the saints, I'm glad he kicked rocks!

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