Friday, July 31, 2009

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Are you going to make it a package deal for the jersey and the helmet?? Can we start the bidding at $100 bucks? Do I hear 150????? All proceeds will go to the RV fund..

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love the gratuitous boob shot before talking to rebecca mejia

so, when did Jason exactly find out about this incident???lol

Hmmm... online auction during your radio show!

hey chris, do you mind adding my blog to your blog roll? I mean, I understand if you don't, but I am trying to get more publicity...I am 14 yrs old and just starting dream job is to become an ESPN would help if my blog is on there. Thanks!!!!!!!

This video is funny cool. This is just what us fans need to see.

Great job!

This is hilarious. Keep bringing us more videos like this.

$200K is unrealistic. Maybe 5.

LMAO awesome footage Tanner! Tell me though, why do you have such a mouth fetish. I notice your camera gravitates to the mouth when you talk to people... lol

Who was the blonde? Have not seen her before. Of course I laughed my butt off when your first shot of Rebecca is totally boob scopage..

Awesome vid.. Thanks!!

Blonde is Lindsey Czarniak, local sportscaster, NBC.

Dude, post some pics of your wife!

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