Thursday, July 23, 2009

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You know what's funny, I just got done doing the SAME workout myself! I mean instead of weights I was lifting Fritos...and instead of running I was sitting on my couch...and instead of football I was preparing to miander my way through life at a snail's pace just inching towards my inevitable death...but ya know, it's basically the same thing.

I started my personal training camp too. A man's got to get in football shape. I'm giving myself 30 days to drink 300 beers, eat 300 chicken wings, and break down 300 NFL players for my fantasy draft. After day 1 my head hurts, I've visited the restroom twice this AM, and I've got an infactuation with drafting Steven Jackson in round 1.
Back to the "war room" 2nite.

Good workout CC. I wish I was in good enough shape to do half of what you do.

And I want that shirt. Not yours, but one like it. Can that be bought somewhere or is it a team issue?

See, this is why the ladies luv us some Chris Cooley!

How do you workout to that crap music in the background?

What's good CC47! This is Cola47. I love that background music man! It takes me back to my Florida Football days. What you know about that mystikal bootcamp click "here I go"..LOL. That 300 workout seems serious many sets of pull-ups did you have to do?

This is basically CrossFit.

Have you ever heard of it, and if so, do a lot of NFL guys do CrossFit?

Chris, you want to get in shape for camp? Do the workouts listed on CrossFit Football's website @ - John Welbourne (ex-Eagle) started incorporating CrossFit workouts and tailoring them for bigger, stronger dudes hence the birth of CrossFit Football. That will get you in shape for camp in a hurry.

And if you wanna work out in a group setting come visit us @ CrossFit Old Town in Alexandria, VA.

BTW, I did a "Filthy 50" workout the other day which is 50-reps of the following:

Box Jumps, Kettlebell Swings, Jumping Slamballs, ABMAT Situps, Pushups, Sledgehammer Strikes, Wallball Shots, 50 Calorie Row, Burpees, and Double Unders. Took me 20-minutes.

I was about to make a reference to crossfit too and realized it has already been talked about...Crossfit is the shit

I got a workout watching the video.....keep us posted Chris.

I wonder if this is the workout you do all year or if this is a ramp up version for training camp. if it's the one you do all year long, Holy Crap!

Whats your favorite sandwich at Spicy Pickle? Do you hang out with Vinny often away from the facility?

CooooooLey Man! I need to be working out like that lol Keep it up Bro Hail REDSKINS>> Me and my bro CAll you Captin Falcon :p

CrossFit is the way to go. or or Well done Chris.

Anybody looking to workout even harder?

Hey Chris, Great work! How many 'Skins are using Kettlebells now?

I broke a sweat just watching that video.

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