Sunday, May 3, 2009

FWG: Cooley Fans Around The World PART II

If you don't already know, I'm playing football in Europe (Austria to be exact). Of all the things I've noticed and written about from across the pond (cigarettes at half-time, nude-baths, Canadian Tuxedos) one thing keeps popping up: Redskins Fans--more specifically--Chris Cooley fans.
A while back I wrote about how Jason DeGrasse found me on this site and actually came to one of my games (hes stationed in Italy). Turns out this whole "Cooley fan in Europe" wasn't an isolated event. While I don't always get the shot (taking pictures of unsuspecting strangers is generally frowned upon), I promise you there is almost too much Redskins and #47 gear floating around the European Union. What do I mean by too much?--just once I'd like to see a Bills hat (I mean, don't they send the losing team's Superbowl gear to foreign counries?)
Ah, but I digress. This past week I took full advantage of our bye week and hopped on a flight to Barcelona. Aside from enjoying the local food.......... my tour of downtown eventually led to a "No way, In Spain?!?---REALLY?"-type of moment. Sure enough, two little rugrats running around with their Redskins gear on. I had to approach them, but how do you do that (sidenote: I speak Spanish)--"Excuse me sir, I'd like to take a few pictures of your little boys and then post them on the internet. Don't make this weird....just say yes." Actually, it went down a lot like that, only my speedy onslaught of Spanish was met with, "Sorry, English only"
"Sir, I work for Chris Cooley (chances he believed me? and I do a feature on Cooley fans around the world, I know this is random but....yahh lets just get the whole family in there together...okay..." And so here you have it:

And that is my story of how the second installment of Cooley Fans Around The World came to be.

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