Friday, January 23, 2009

TC: 24 Hours at Sundance Part 2

11:00 am - After getting picked up from the Sandy Cohan mishap we made our way to lunch. On the way I officially became scared for my life. D-Watts ran 2 red lights and didn't seem to care much for our general safety. More on Watt's driving later...

12:30 pm - With a full stomach and a racing mind (always feel like that after meeting with Chris and Jake) D-Watts and I headed to Park City in one car and Chris and Jake in another. On the way Watts decided that my iPhone navigation wasn't trustworthy and we made about 4 wrong turns and ran another red light before arriving in Park City.

12:45 pm - Lost in the center of PC I rang Jake to ask directions.

"Where are you?" He kept asking.
"I don't know? I think we're...Swede Street. We're on Swede Street."
"Where is that?"
"I don't know where the fuck..."
"I see you. You made it."
1:45 pm - When we first got to the LRG suite I didn't know what to expect. We were greeted by about 20 different dudes with different titles and different stuff to give. There was Wii, Skull Candy, G-Shock, LRG, Stella Artois. We met some interesting people including Soupy Jones who was competing in an online reality show with Ashton Kutcher.

But when all was said and done (after about a half hour of gladhanding, photos, videos...) the four of us found ourselves sitting in the middle of the room just talking with each other. If it wasn't for Kevin D from LRG I'm not sure what we would have done.

3:00 pm - Everything that we saw at Sundance took place on Main Street. There were paparazzi, fans, and stars. I think Kevin noticed we were getting bored and so he took us out to see the show. Even on the streets of Utah Chris couldn't hide. We ran into this kid that Chris and Jake went to high school with and this is what I caught from their conversation,
Guy: DUDE! Chris! What's up man?
CC: Uh...hey.
Guy: It's me (name)! We went to high school together.
I can tell by the look on Chris's face that he has no clue who this interesting fellow is but entertains the kid's thought that he does.
CC: Oh ya. What's up man? How've you been?
Guy: So good buddy.
At this point he whips out a spiral notebook.
Guy: I got so many autographs! Dude, look, Andy McDonald, Tom Arnold... (remembers who Chris is) ... Will you sign it!?
CC: Sure man.
As Chris is signing the kid proceeds to ask Chris for his cell phone number, home address, a picture, his birth certificate, you name it and this kid wanted it. Chris finally got off the hook by asking "Guy" if he remembered Jake, from high school as well. As Guy and Jake were chatting we slipped into the Def Jam suite.

5:00 pm - Considering the fact that we booked our tickets for this trip on Thursday and we left for Utah on Saturday, we didn't have time to book a hotel. Luckily for us, Kevin Curtis has a home in the mountains and generously allowed us to borrow it for the night. So after going non-stop for the last 15 hours we decided it might be a good idea to take our stuff over there and chill out for a while. Over the mountains and through the woods to Curtis's house we exaggeration. The dude lives IN the mountains.

6:00 pm - After meeting the crew at Kevin's and chilling out for an hour we started to get hungry. Usually when Chris comes to Utah he only eats at places that aren't available on the east coast. So even though it was about an hour away we had to go to Rodizio Grill. I'm not kidding you when I tell you that this place is a 10. You order the Full Rodizio then sit back and enjoy the ride. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

9:54 pm - We have now been up for 20 straight hours and are driving through a dark canyon with quite possibly the worst driver I've never been in a car when Death was the #1 thought in my mind (Sorry Watts, you know its true). We jerked and sped our way though the night continuously reminding our driver, "We are not hurrying to get anywhere." If you have ever seen Ghost Dad, I felt like that.

10:15 pm - Upon escaping death we parked (another disaster that I won't get into) and headed over to Harry O's. Earlier in the day we debated whether or not to go to this thing and were assured that it was "the event" to be at. We were also assured that the LRG crew could get us on the VIP list and into the show. When we got to the door there was a line of about 500 people. Luckily (or so we thought) our guys were at the front of the line so we jumped the rail and made our way up there. As soon as we got to the front we heard, "Hey! Who the fuck do you think you are? Get back to the end of the line!" At this point Kevin (not even close to getting in) told us to stay and he would take care of it.
Kevin: This is Chris Cooley. He plays for the Redskins.
Guard: I don't care who he is. He has to wait in line!
Kevin somehow knew the owner and got him on the phone, all the while we ignored the douche bag security guard pretending like he's actually going to do something to us if we don't move. After about 20 minutes of harassment, the manager comes out, finds Chris and starts escorting him in. On the way he asks,
"How many you got?" Chris points at me and D-Watts and says, "I got 2." "Plus 10!" Kevin shouts from the bottom of the stairs. (laughs) "Plus 10." and we were in.
12:15 pm - So did we have fun at TI....
  • I ran into an old friend working security in the VIP and for about 10 minutes 8 of us took over a $5,000 dollar standing space until getting kicked out. 
  • Chris got his workout in doing quite a few one hand dumbbell presses on the dance floor.
  • Show Me the Money (Cuba Gooding Jr.) was on stage dancing with Tom Arnold and Bob and Layne proceed to yell, "What you know about Radio! is up on stage. SHOW ME THE MONEY!" all night long. 
  • White Scarf guy was also up on stage giving shout out after shout out to all his homies (he was a dorky white guy in a suit and scarf).
  • By the time we got home Chris and I had been awake for 23 straight hours. 
...I guess we had an okay time.  But, I was a tired man and was ready for bed after dinner. So I don't know if I am the best judge of the fun level. 

12:45 am - Back at Kevin's and ready for sleep.  Unfortunately for us, Bob, Layne, Nate, Josh, and Jake had already staked their claim in Kevin's house. So Chris, Watts and I got stuck in the movie room. Just so happened that the only room with the AC on and set at 60 was this room(who doesn't crank on the AC mid January). Needless to say, it was a long night.
9:00 am - After an amazing breakfast at another Utah favorite (Village Inn) we were off to the airport. "Just think, in 6 hours, we'll be home." 

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