Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Congrats to the Redskins Pro Bowlers

As everyone already knows, the Pro Bowl teams were announced yesterday. After all of controversy with all the "Vote the Redskins Ticket" promotion only four Redskins will be heading to Honolulu. There was a cluster F of media at Redskins Park today all trying to get their piece of our new pro bowlers. But before things got crazy, I sat down with Chris and asked him a few questions about getting the nod. 

Chris on making his second Pro Bowl appearance: I excited to have been voted into the Pro Bowl again. It's a tough time of the season for the team. It's really been tough the past 6 weeks. However, I feel very fortunate that my peers and the fans felt like I was good enough to be part of this game. It's a little bitter sweet because we're not winning some of these games late in the season. I am however happy with what I've been able to do in our new offense and with Coach Zorn. 

On hanging with Sellers, Portis, and Chris Samuels: I think it will be a blast. We have one more guy going down this year. It was a lot of fun with Chris and Ethan last year and I'm sure it will be a party with Mike and Clinton and Chris. I'm sure we'll have an awesome time there. Even though I'm looking forward to it, we still have some business to take care of here. Hopefully we can win a couple games.

Will Eli and Peyton make a silly brother commercial for the blog? It'll be the Cooley Zone Manning commercial. Hopefully we don't have to pay 'em a million dollars each. 

I also want to say congrats to Mike Sellers, Clinton Portis, and Chris Samuels for getting voted in as well. 

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