Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday, Dallas

The Dallas Cowboys very well might be the best team in football.  They're probably the biggest offensive and defensive fronts in the NFL. Romo is outstanding at moving around and getting guys the ball. He has a crazy receiving combination with T.O. and Witten and no one can overlook how hard Marian Barber runs the ball.  They have zero let down as far as personnel goes on the defensive side of the ball.  They are the type of defense that lines up and say, "We're here, but you're not gonna beat us." Demarcus Ware may not just be the best linebacker in football, but possibly the best all around defender.  In my scouting report this week Ware was graded as "no holes" in the weakness category. Their depth carries over into their secondary where they feel like they have good enough players to cover everyone one on one. 

That being said, were not going to Dallas for anything but a win.  This is a huge game for the Washington Redskins and there isn't anyone in the NFL who will intimidate us.  I have tremendous respect for what kind of team Dallas is, but I can't wait to get on the field this Sunday.  We're a smart, physical, hard working group of guys who will never give in.

Both the last two days have been excellent practices for us.  There is a new excitement in the air and everyone has been flying around.  No question whether or not that will carry over to Texas. I can say this from experience, there has been nothing better than to have a big game against Dallas!


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