Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Helmet

A lot of questions have been asked about what the hell is on my head in the game.  Helmets have evolved into a crazy futuristic dome.  I actually feel like I'm getting ready for a Motocross event when I put that thing on.  
Really what the helmet is, is a new version of the Riddell Revolution.  The helmet actually has a couple of stickers under the face mask that say speed, so maybe it is the Riddell speed version of the revolution.  The company came out with some trial samples for guys on different teams to wear and I got the one for the Skins.  At first I was a little concerned with the look, but after I put it on and realized the comfort  I was hooked.  This thing is like the ultimate lazy boy of helmets.


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i just bought this for high school football in upstate NY. its gonna be sick!

I just bought one of these for high school in North Carolina and i love it. Its better then the Ion 4D.

I just bought one for my senior year of High School in Columbus, Ohio.

i love this helmet the first in my county to were this halmet maryland

Just visited from a link on uniwatchblog...I'm a Cowboys fan, I like the Giants OK, The eagles- love the uniform, hate the fans (shoot, I sometimes hate our fans also) but what irks me the most is the racial insensitivity of the Redskins name and that other people of color allow this horrible offensive name to be allowed on a team from our nations capital. Do you guys ever think about it? Redskins, yuck. I'm a Chickasaw by the way.

I got one of these for a charity Law Enforcement vs. Fire game I was playing in. The helmet is fantastic. It has a little more weight to it than some other helmets. The comfort level can't be beat though.

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