Tuesday, August 3, 2010

FP: An Ode to Colt & Yoder

"Taking a look closer at what Todd Yoder can do for a team is more impressive than Megan Fox's ass"

"Yoder takes the same hit Lawerence Taylor put on Theisman while simultanously chewing up a beer bottle and he still has the wherewithal to piss on my broken ankle."

I wish I could take credit for the above quotations (and misspellings) but those belong to Chris Cooley. It was part of a post that he wrote last year when Yoder was stepping in to play fullback for an injured Mike Sellers. Yodes was a major role player in The Cooley Zone blog, often appearing in videos, was the subject of a few posts and also wrote several posts for the site.

Colt Brennan was also a big star on this blog. Colt also contributed to the site by writing posts and appearing in several funny videos. Here's a quote from one of Colt's post on the blog:

"My name is Colt Brennan. I'm a 6th round rookie QB, grew up in So Cal, played college ball in Hawaii, so I’d say I am a pretty laid back kind of guy. I wonder if they took that into consideration when they decided to issue lockers? Considering they saw fit to put me between Chris Cooley and Jason Taylor. At first you may think, "what an awesome experience," I get to be between two pro bowlers, potential hall of famers, dancers. Every day. For the next 5 months. What dream right? More like what a nightmare."

Colt and Yodes are now gone and they will be missed. To me, their Redskins careers won't be measured by statistics, their legends will continue to live on because of this blog, a near perfect pre-season game and excellent special teams play. It will live on fighting bees and imitating Eli Manning.

Below are links to the posts and videos that Colt and Yodes were a part of, I hope the best for both of them...thanks for the memories.

Todd Yoder

Colt Brennan

Yodes and CC fight the bees

Romo/Witten Fantasy Files

Colt's Eli Manning Imitation

The Pus Video

Chainsaw Massacre

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Awesome post--and nice to see you back, FP!
Yodes and Colt are both parts of Redskins lore. We'll surely miss them. Good luck guys...

PS-- I'm sure Yodes will remember the brightest highlight of his career as being the designated receiver for the famous fake field goal(s) in last years Giants game. Good times!
Seriously though, awesome tight end and special teams standout.

Great memories of fun times!

Im going to miss Yoder and Colt! This videos were great. Good luck in the future Colt and yoder. Chris, Beat the crap out of Dallas please!!

Skins fan since 1yrsold.

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