Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Striper Fishing with Chad Pennington

LAS VEGAS — The only odd part of the situation was that they were in a limo.

There were champagne glasses, couches and running lights. But everything else looked and sounded pretty much like a standard fishing trip.

Dolphins quarterback Chad Pennington was in boots, jeans, a Reebok jacket and a camouflage Dolphins hat from the new Reebok/Realtree Open Field Collection. Redskins tight end Chris Cooley was in jeans, with a Realtree camo jacket and hat.
The 40-minute drive to Lake Mead saw the conversation move from Cooley's dad fighting Cowboys fans, to climate change, the Lake Mead water level and the environmental effects of coal.

It was just another group on its way to the lake to catch some fish (and promote a new clothing line) — a group willing to get up early in a city where there is no early (or late) to have a shot at catching fish.

It was two very different NFL football players, who fish for different reasons, with different styles, for different fish, stretched out in one limo with striped bass on the mind.

"You have to get a photo of me getting out of this limo in the camo jacket," Cooley said, after the limo pulled up 300 yards down a Lake Mead launch ramp that keeps getting longer because the lake's water level keeps getting lower.

The players found their captain on the dock and piled into a 22-foot, center console boat that looked more suited for saltwater, but makes sense on the 247-square-mile reservoir -- the largest reservoir in the United States.

The 250-horsepower motor fired up, the boat pulled out of the cove and the game had started: man versus Lake Mead striper.

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About time you got back on the blog - hope you are healed up and doing well.

I've been saying it for almost a year now, I'd love to see Chad come here (hopefully as a backup, but even a starter if need be).

Hope we keep JC.

Wow. Sorry to hear about you getting skunked. Other than that, I hope everything is going well. I really enjoy watching you play. Thanks for everything.

That is a really terrific piece about two of my favorite NFL star players off the field. I've never gone fishin', but I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article.

Keep on having a great time in south Florida!

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