Friday, July 10, 2009

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I was just watching an archived video of you at the green turtle and you were asked about Albert Haynesworth and was wondering if you called him Albert Taintsworth on purpose.

most NFL players pottery experience ends with a 4 game suspension

Why do I suddenly have the urge to listen to the Righteous Brothers?

You are using too much clay and you are using a centering technique that doesnt really suit you. Try putting your right hand fingers together on the far side of the clay and cup your left hand to the side, pull back with your right hand and press in with your left, it should work a little better.

LOL...I don't know crap about doing pottery, and I found myself actually getting interested in what you were making. When it came to the part where it was nice and tall, I was like oh wow... then Bang.. Bang.. Bang... I laughed my butt off! At least you catch better than you make things with Pottery!

The beauty is that Chris is an artist.
He tries to hide his sensitive side under his day job.
Punchdowns notwithstanding, it's awesome to see him at work.
Stay tuned for basketweaving 101.


you know what I find relaxing? popping the cap on a Budlight and throwing some (freshly) dead cow on the grill. I've never given either of those the "beatdown."
looks like u guys have a sweet set up there, hopefully you'll drive back 2 play football again.
oh yeah
Happy Birthday.

happy birthday man, keep up the good work in dc!

Hauoli Lahanau, Chris!
(Happy Birthday, man!)

Happy Birthday Captain! Share a B-Day... like I said on Twitter, let's celebrate this year with a Super Bowl!

Hey Chris,

Just wondering if you've thought about auctioning off any of your pottery to raise funds for your cancer foundation??? Or maybe the gas can from the infamous horse burning? Good luck in the upcoming season, can't wait to see the Skins roll into the playoffs this year. . .

Bill Kohler


Try using less water when throwing, it weakens the pot. Be sure to mop any water on the bat away so it also doesn't continue to soak your pot.

Your 1st wobbly pot in the interview (pottery 101) could have been saved using a rib. If you have a chance, take a look at some of Simon Leach's videos: his tips could help you.

Good luck & keep throwing. Practice makes perfect!

-Denise Joyal
Ceramics Candidate Hood College
Adjunct Professor of Ceramics Wilson College

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