Tuesday, February 3, 2009

FWG: You're Never Too Old To Look Stupid!

So the off season training had hit a high point. No drinking, all clean foods and lifting my balls off to try and get ready to play in Europe. There is only so much of this training I can do before I get completely bored. So I found a few ways to entertain myself. This blog is one of them, the other is working one or two nights a week at a campus bar as a bouncer. Pretty easy work, break up a few fights, check a few IDs and go home with some good stories. Of course, this work is somewhat "off the books." The reason I tell you that was because I got into work and my boss was in the kitchen and told me to "fill out a W-4 form and a new time card." In retrospect I should have probably given more thought to why I was doing this, but I didn't. It also happens that last week was my birthday. I had returned that night from a snowboard trip with the girlfriend in which we celebrated my 23rd. Anyway, there I am filling out this form, when my boss yells to me to come out quick. I assumed he was getting swamped at the bar and needed an extra hand. This is what happened next:

My girlfriend God bless her decided to throw me a surprise party. So I show up Friday night for work and BOOM ambushed by 50 of my friends.
Needless to say, not having had a drink since the new year did not serve me well.
Off-season training took a back seat to a good night with my friends and 4 minutes of channeling my best "Steve Perry" (Don't Stop Believin'!)

Me and friend (future NFL draft pick) Cody Brown
Yes...Don't let the drinking fool you. I actually work there:
And of course no night would be complete....without a speech. (A speech which I do not recall giving)

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