Friday, January 16, 2009

TC: I Heart Ed Werder

In another post season sans Redskins there is nothing that brings me more joy than turmoil in the Dallas Cowboy organization. And who better to bring it to us than Ed Werder? You know, same guy that was called a liar by many of the Cowboys (including T.O.) after reporting on the whole Witten/T.O. debacle earlier this year. Most recently, Ed brings us this:

"I think we all know that chemistry is the problem with this team more than the schemes or anything else. Are we going to continue to allow talent to outweigh everything else in the decisions we make with players and putting the roster together? We're like the Redskins used to be when they signed every player they wanted. There's more to it than talent. It has to be more about the team."
Maybe since the Cowboys let HBO in on all of their business earlier this year they also let in Ed Werder during the season? Because there have been no formal talks between T.O. and the Cowboys. So either Ed was inside the Ranch or just wants to make this guy mad again. Maybe both? Either way, I love it. 

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