Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yode's Corner: Naming Logo Guy

Hi Redskins fans, its Yoder back for another edition of Yode's corner. Today I stumbled into deep thoughts about the Redskins helmet logo. I have played with the team for 3 years and I just realized I know nothing about the man on our helmets. The first thing to pop into my head was, I wonder if the logo man has a name? I began to ask around to try to dig up all the information that I could on the subject and didn't have much luck. Maybe you fans could help out and if you have something please write and let us know.

There are so many questions I have about the logo. Does anyone know who designed it? Is it modeled after a real person? Is the man in the logo a Chief, a warrior, a medicine man, or just a regular member of a tribe? All these questions and no answers. I think the one topic that needs the most attention is, does he have a name. And if not, why don't we ask around to find out what everyone thinks. Lets all team up and work together and name logo man.

I thought that Mr. Redskin would be a good starting point. That was so general, plain Jane, and has no spark or excitement. Maybe Chief Touchdown would be a suitable fit. I decided to get so help from others and Colt Brennan came up with "Chief Running Pig" which fits since our O line is nicknamed "The Hogs." Plus the Hoggets still come to games, and we have been known the run the football.

Maybe we could call him "Twelve Braves" to symbolize 11 players and the crowd, kind of our version of the 12th man. But please, give us input and I will continue this story later this week with more ideas from players, coaches, and staff.

Thanks, Yoder

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