Sunday, June 22, 2008


Get a jersey before the season starts at Shop 47!
Authentics - $200 originally $350
Pro bowl jerseys - $200 originally $350
Replithentics - $100 originally $125

We also added some new items.
Mini helmets - $50
21 pro bowl authentics - $250

All items may be customized with a personal message from Chris. And this week only, if you order 2 or more jerseys we'll throw in a free white CC47 T-shirt! Submit personalized messages to and shirt size if applicable.

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Great stuff Chris cant wait to get the picture you signed


I am a poor med student and as much as I would like to add some CC gear to my collection, it's gonna have to wait. Plus, my certified family officer (wife) said, "In 2 Years". My hall pass was denied. Hail!

What's the update on the hotpants? I mean, the poll results were less than enthusiastic, but it still showed that there are thousands that would buy them. Which, I guess means hundreds, because I'd probably say that 1 in 10 were dead serious about buying them. But that would include me. Anyway, let us know. It would be awesome.

The hotpants are being made as we speak. Should be in before training camp.

"The hotpants are being made as we speak."

You're the man Tanner! Your bro's pretty cool too, though.

what about jerseys sized to fit femaile fans! i'm tired of buying kid jerseys!

You know.. I'm going to actually buy a pair of the hotpants, but... if I wore them out in public I'd be arrested within mere moments. I will however, terrorize my girl with wearing them on gameday - on the days we don't have others in the house, of course.

Not that I could afford it, but what are the odds of us seeing any stuff signed by multiple Skins? A ball with the starters or something like that?

We may do a ball or item like that for charity later on.

Angie, we are going to get all sizes around training camp time. No worries.

Just ordered a signed pic on friday i cant wait to get it thanks!!

Building off of what you said about the possibility of a signed ball for charity... one ball, signed by a bunch of you guys, could garner a rather large bid at auction. But if you all signed a lot of balls, you could sell them for less, making more money for charity overall, while also placating the recent college graduates who don't have a lot of money to spend (me). Just something to think about, hahaha.

Chris if I wear the hot pants to camp will u sign them?

T-- Tell Chris to go by "Chris Schrute" was voted on by the office.

-your bud

Erm... am I the only one vaguely creeped out by what mecca said up there? ;)

Yeah, how about that... a whole line of Cooley's Blog Devotees in hotpants at training camp:
"Chris, will you sign my moose-knuckle?"

I am the girl at the post office 2 days ago. I wanted to respect your privacy so I didn't talk to you. If I had I would have said way to go marrying a Valley girl! We love that you stayed local. Also been fans all of our lives and have have season seats behind the skins 20 yard line, 4rows back. See you around town. Go Skins!

As soon as the Air Force gives me a raise, I am totally getting a jersey.

I just sounded like Paris Hilton. That's bad for a dude.


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