Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lost In My Music

It seems like music is a big part of my life and has become a little part of this blog throughout the year with the songs of the week and stuff. Although I have always had zero musical ability, I commend those who do. Over the last year I was able to watch my father in law write and produce his own CD. My wife and I were lucky enough to hear all the early acoustic versions as well as all the adjustments to each song. It was fun to see everything come together and I admired how hard he worked to make an outstanding CD.

After Scott finished up, he bought around 500 copies and his songs started selling on itunes, which was just another awesome thing for the family to be a part of. Overall the CD has been a great success, it's more than something that he just made, it's really cool music.  So much so that a couple months ago Scott was contacted by a movie director, Stuart Hopewell, about putting a couple songs on the soundtrack of his film "Slaughter." He loved the original sound and thought it would be perfect for his movie. 

One thing lead to another and movie is getting released this weekend. So on Saturday we will be heading to the film festival to check it out. We also bought a bunch of CD's and we will make them available for sale on Shop47.
Last year was a good year. I finished my first music CD and sent it out like all musicians do. I wouldn't have expected the music getting out so fast. You hope it will end up somewhere and it's been impressive to me where it's gone. Two of my songs will be in a movie called Slaughter. That's right, it's a horror movie. I guess it's all because of the Internet. 

They took the 3rd and 5th song from the CD, "Emily" and "The Girl Next Door." Emily is about how my wife Darlene and my relationship started, although I don't fashion myself as a tattooed tanned guy, I loved the story. The girl next door is totally make believe, it was a song I wrote on the deck and I was kind of daydreaming looking out across the yard. I felt like it was almost a country type story.

To create and finish the entire project I spent over eight months in the studio and I was able to make 11 original songs that I am very proud of.  I would also really like to thank my friend Jim Steele for all the help and work he put into making the CD. It has always been a blast playing with you, thanks so much.

The movie (Slaughter) will be part of the After Dark Horror Fest...eight movies to die for. The festival starts January, 9 2009. The eight movies play at theaters in most major cities. Closest one to NoVa is in DC at Union Station. Slaughters first showing is Sat at 6:00 hope to see you at the premier!

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