Thursday, January 8, 2009

Anyone Ready to Greenlight

If you don't already know, Chris and I are helping produce an independent film called "Ghosts Don't Exist" After having had several cool events with the guys from 19th and Wilson and we are finally having what should be the last one this Sunday. We are hosting a private investor presentation at the Shadow Room in Washington DC that many are already talking about. From the Style section of the Washington Post:

Picture this: At the Oscars a couple years from now, as they announce Best Picture ... that could be you walking to the stage, along with fellow executive producer, Chris Cooley.

Okay, maybe a long shot. But the gregarious Redskins tight end will spend his off-season getting his feet wet in the indie-film biz, and he's looking for help.

Cooley has signed on to produce a new locally filmed paranormal thriller, "Ghosts Don't Exist" -- and the first job of a producer is to raise the money. This weekend, he'll host a private reception at Shadow Room nightclub to court potential investors.
At 11pm we will open the Shadow Room and we want to invite you to DC's Official "Ghosts Don't Exist AfterParty" promoted by the highly esteemed and respected promotion company, The Standard and David and Ray Ent. We look forward to seeing you on the Sunday, the 11th at The Shadowroom. 

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