Thursday, January 8, 2009

FWG: A Formal Introduction

Lets try this again. My reception to this site was about as well received as when your sister brings home…well...some one like me from college. Only instead of staring across the kitchen table imagining at what this 285lb baldheaded freak does to you "lil sis" (probably how Brady Quinn looks at AJ Hawk), you'll be reading my take on things in the sports world (which may or may not be better). So for your sake (for your sisters sake) I suggest you pay attention to what I have to say.

My name, is Rob Lunn (please pass the gravy). I played in 49 games at the University of Connecticut (yes, we have a football team too) as a defensive tackle starting in 20 of them. I have 3 bowl rings, a couple game balls, and more hair on my arms then I do on the top of my head.
I started a blog for a class and a few ESPN and USA Today interviews later, it took off. People liked what I had to say. Including Tanner and Chris Cooley. Apparently my thoughts on Training camp were very similar to his. "Training camp…about as much fun as a bag of dicks." (I couldn't agree more). So over the next few months, I'll have some commentary on what's going on in the word of sports. Including my training to go play pro. Don't get too excited just yet Redskins fans. They call me The Fat White Guy for a reason. I had a great career at UCONN but I'm the first to admit that I'm not athletic enough for the NFL (although, every time I see Tony Siragusa I start to think differently).

In March I'll be playing in Europe. Ever read "Playing for Pizza?" ... something like that. Basically seeing Europe on someone else's dime. But I'll be previewing some of my friends and other players from college football as they prepare for the Senior Bowl and the NFL Draft. As well as some other anecdotes from my life: which includes dating a girl that's way too hot for me (another Lunn-Cooley similarity), eating way too much, trying to live life after college football and of course entertaining all of you.

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