Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yode's Corner: Yoder's Farve Theory

Should Brett Favre take the 20 million and just retire? I think I would! Just take the money go fishing, play golf, hang out at some local bar to tell stories of the good old days. Oh and just count the dollars still rolling in. Brett, you just got paid for sitting on you ass. I think this is every American’s dream; so just live the dream, take the money.

Let's all give a hand to Brett's agent Bus Cook. This could be the first time an agent has ever gotten money for a player not playing football. The question is, did Bus open up a new Pandora's box for agents and the NFL with this offer? Take a look at the possible fallout after such a deal. Every NFL player will search for the same compensation and may even be pissed if the agents can't deliver. I don’t mean the same exact terms of Brett's deal, but why not have your agent shop around a price for other teams to pay you to retire. That's right, have other teams pay star players to hang up their cleats. Obviously they would have to give them the money to buy out of their contracts, but NFL organizations have seemingly endless amounts of money so why not?

Teams could pay opposing stars to quit in order to buy out the competition. The Vikings wouldn't have even been close to the playoffs last year without A.P. so why couldn't the NFC Central teams pony up big cash to pay him off for life. One thing is for sure, with the revenue generated in the NFC East, teams could pay off all kinds of guys, especially guys they were going to have to face twice a year. Every player may not choose to retire, but I'm sure many players could find an outstanding looking price. It would also be very interesting to find out how much some players love the game.

Teams could also right off this expense as a marketing campaign and not have it as part of the salary cap, leaving them money to still pay their own players. Brett, you might have just started the biggest wave in the NFL! Stay as far away from football and work and collect millions of dollars, not bad!

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