Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dress Code

What's up Ohio. Anywhere is better right now than the National Conference Center in Leesburg VA. Our plane touched down in Cleveland today (8/2/08) around 3:00 P.M. and we bussed over to some little hotel called "The Ritz," pretty cool I guess. I'm just happy I get to chill out for a day without having to worry about practice. Rumor is that I have a 10 play limit for the game on Sunday night and I would assume the same for most of our current starters. Even crazier rumor is that the Colts starters were given a choice of whether or not they wanted to come to Canton. I'll be pissed if they don't show up because I've got about 25 Peyton Manning football cards that I want him to sign.

We had a team meeting a couple nights ago to address our dress code for upcoming travel. Obviously when you put 80 football players together you're going to have to establish a couple ground rules. Coach Zorn made jeans appropriate wear (I guess since guys spend a fortune on jeans they now count as dress pants). Zorn even stated with enthusiasm that he liked dragons sewn or painted on the pants. Not really my style, but I have to assume that dragons or really anything for that matter painted on the pants would make them more expensive, thus qualifying them for the code. The final rule of the pants was made clear by Z and established by personal example what "sagging" was in front of the team, then abolished it. Everything was pretty simple after that, suits were recommended, shirts must be collared, and no sandals. I actually pulled off a pair of ugg slippers with no backs, accompanied with no socks, which is a pretty classy look. I also opted to go for the jeans look, figuring some 3 year old Lucky Brands were very high quality. For the shirt I went all out, J.W. Nordstrom baby and while the shirt was very nice, I avoided wearing cuff links by simply rolling up the sleeves and toning down the look a little bit. I finished off my great style with a backwards Nationals cap and oh man I looked good!

After all rules established, the team arrived on the plane in an assortment of outfits. Some very nice looks, even suites, as well as some crazy looks, yes dragons. I would have to say for a first preseason game the Redskins were all in all pretty stylish. Hopefully it only gets better from here.

Just a little suspense for everyone, the 20 questions went great!! I think a few of us had fun with the questions and they will be up very soon. Really, I'm laughing thinking about some of the answers.

Finally, I want to say congratulations to Art Monk and Darrell Green. They were two of the best ever at their positions. It is an honor to be a Redskin and be part of the history that these guys created in Washington.

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