Thursday, August 13, 2009

Live Game Chat

For no real reasons, I did not make my way north to the fine city of Baltimore. So I will be watching the game from home. If you are doing the same and would like someone to chat with, tell your friends and do it here. Go Skins.

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Coooooooley! predictions for tonight's game?

Hard to say. The starters are only getting 10 plays

yeah, that's what I don't like about preseason. it doesn't really give you an indication of how the team will play in the regular season.

Tanner, what do you think of the QB situation? do you think Brennan is going to take the 2nd string position this year?

Coming at your from Seattle. 40 yr. Skin's fan now having to live in the rain (summer appears over...) I just want to have a nice, crisp series, no injuries and then get off the field

What's up with this chat thing. Is it supposed to be working?

Tanner? Still hiding from zorn?

Good job by the chat-master, Tanner!

Too bad the skins still suck. Why is Jason Campbell the starter? I don't get it? Collins is the only one who has consistantly made plays for this team for years. Campbell should be 2nd string and Colt should be traded. Too bad we didn't get Vick. The Eagles are going to soar.

Season after season the Redskins offensive line stinks. Vinny Cereato and dan snyder don’t understand the game of football and wouldn’t know a good offensive line man if he punched them in the face. They do, however, understand money. So I say lets boycott the Redskins games until danny boy buys us a decent offensive line.

Campbell and Zorn aren't worried a bit about not getting inside the opp 35 yard line... Guess WE have nothing to worry about then huh?

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