Monday, December 22, 2008

Gingerbread Land

Gingerbread houses are hard as hell to put together. Ryan Boschetti and I bought 4 of them at Costco the other day and figured we would have a competition in the Cooley household (for the last three weeks of the season Ryan and his wife have been hanging out at hotel Cooley). So last night were hanging out around the kitchen and the girls started to put their houses together. They both did a pretty good job constructing the walls and putting the frosting and decorations on. Ryan even complimented them on what a nice job they were doing putting together their "second place" houses.

After giving up about an hour head start I figured I should get down to business. I don't really know what I was expecting, but I though maybe a little super glue would have been nice to get the walls together, all they put in the box was frosting. I guess it works different in Gingerbread Land, but in the real world there is no way to establish any kind of a solid foundation with freaking frosting. Not only was I having a hard time getting the walls to stick together, I kept putting it on the wrong sides of the edges. 

So now I'm over 20 minutes into this endeavor and all I've accomplished is to get sticky shit all over the table and my hands and clothes. 20 more minutes pass and now I'm wiping down gingerbread walls with a rag because I've made to much of a frosting mess to even touch the stupid thing. After one more unsuccessful attempt I had had enough. Two of the walls fell down while I was putting the last wall in place. That's where my patience ended and my temper took over. There was gingerbread exploding off the walls and all over the kitchen floor and in that instant I felt total satisfaction. I was so much more powerful than the stupid gingerbread. Christy quickly brought me back to earth saying, "I sure hope the broom isn't too tricky for you, cause now you have to clean that mess up."

After brooming up every minuscule crumb I decided that there was no way I would concede the gingerbread 4H club. I had learned my frosting construction lessons and diligently went back to work. The fourth time putting the house together was a complete success. I even compensated for the broken half of the roof with a tightly fitting piece of tree.
After all my hard work and dedication, I can now happily say that I have earned the award of first place and a prize blue ribbon making me king of all gingerbread land.

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