Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TC: Sandwich Heaven

I am a man who loves a good Reuben sandwich. Every new place I go I have to check the menu and if they have it, I try it. The best I have ever had was at a tiny deli in Logan, Utah. It was not made on marble rye but instead it came submarine style with all the fixings your little heart desired. But since moving east three months ago I haven't really had many Reuben sandwiches...until last week. I have had 7 Reuben sandwiches in 7 days. From Leesburg to DC I've had fast food style, from neighborhood grills, open faced, Russian dressing, marble rye, submarine, I have had it all.

To my ultimate surprise however, is that Arby's is the only one that left a lasting impression (also the only one I had twice). It is made with amazingly soft marble rye upon spread with 1000 island and it holds together the perfect amount of sauerkraut and corned beef and melted swiss cheese. It, my friends, is worth the 5 dollars every time.
So far to date not one Reuben I have ever had can ever compare to the one they make at Arby's. But I will continue to hunt for one that does and if I find it, I will gladly crown it champion of my sandwich world. And please, if you live in northern VA and you know where to find a good Reuben sandwich I want to hear about it. Because I found this website and they don't have one VA listing!

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