Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Lost my own Contest

I am completely ashamed to admit that I bowed ungratefully out of the beard contest today. I will say that it was completely against my will, but did serve a purpose. I filmed my Eastern Motors commercial in Mclean Va. around 12:00 and to fit into my true character I needed to be beardless. I really feel naked, like a piece of me is missing. I felt so much guilt watching the hairs dwindle to the ground.

One of my biggest training camp highlights came in the pre-game Sunday night. I was able to meet three brothers who made a drive from Canada to Canton. I mean, true, real life Redskins fans and all magnificintly bearded! I was able to share a special bond with these guys and now how could I ever ask them to forgive me for ridding the beard. Today really is a day of shame.

What I did feel came out of today was a fantastic couple of commercials. We spent about three hours filming a some different skits and it was a blast to do it with CP, ARE, and Campbell. It was really cool because everything was impromptu and we got to just goof around and do whatever we wanted. I know I'm gonna feel like a total ass when people start giving me grief about the commercials, but I think, I mean I hope they will at least be funny. It's worth a free car!

The day off didn't end with Easterns. Christy and I took it back to the house where we started working with a couple of film producers on a reality TV show. Yes, reality TV. Forget Jason Taylor and his acting career, I'm going big time. Just kidding, really after today I've come to the conclusion that I'm shitty in front of any camera. Thank god for football!

Oh, on the plus side of bearded things, Yoder is standing very strong. Also, just so everyone understands, the contest is still on, yea I bowed out but that doesn't mean anyone should. Bills tickets baby! Parking Pass!

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