Tuesday, July 8, 2008

TC: Bubba's BBQ : (

So my wife and I spent the last week in Wyoming with family and friends. We did ton's of fun stuff as you have already seen and read. But I am going to let you all know, if you are going to Wyoming, you probably won't get the best of service at a little place called Bubba's.

Our waitress, Peanut, refused to do anything that a restaurant patron would expect a waitress to do, i.e. refill drinks (after 22 minutes Chris refilled his own in the kitchen), bring a salad bar plate, or anything else a hungry young man would want from a waitress. No lie, we entered the restaurant at 3:12 pm and got our food at 4:35. I mean, I could have ate Super Potato Ole at Taco John's (greatest meal ever) ten times before Peanut even turned our order into the cooks. Being how well nourished Peanut was, I wouldn't be surprised if she ate our food, ate another tables food, then turned our ticket into the cooks, it took that LONG. It is a good thing however, that when our food did come out it was warm and cooked to perfection. Props to the cooks at Bubba's just not the service. Peanut needs to find a different field of work.
We left Bubba's and went straight to Wal-Mart to buy more cards. This certainly brightened the day seeing that we got 6 different Darren McFadden's. What more could you ask for in a box of cards? Speaking of cards we would also like to thank all of you who have responded to the card post. Especially those who offered to send cards. You guys are great. What we did the rest of the night you can read about tomorrow on Shutdown Corner.

Update: We sat front and center over the shoots Saturday night of the Cody night rodeo. I found myself rooting for the bulls all night. ESPN Xtreme bulls drew a sellout crowd of 5,000 and no bull could have been extreme enough for me. Fact is, put me in any environment with a Cowboy and I’m gonna root against them. I just don’t like Cowboys!

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