Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Top 10 training camp moments

After posting on KSK it got me thinking about some of the better moments from training camp over the years. I guess it hasn’t been all that bad so here are my top 10 training camp moments.

10. 2004 – 2007 I have never missed one practice. (Can someone find out if that is some kind of record?)

9. 2006 – Short shorts and long hair really come alive.

8. 2007 – I decide that the dorms aren’t for me and I sneak home every night for 2 weeks.

7. 2005 – I get my first case of jock itch.

6. 2007 – Jon Janson brings his RV to Redskins Park in which we drink beers after every practice.

Casey Rabach: "It's kind of just an oasis away from camp....We watch movies, BS,listen to music, nap. You know, whatever." I asked what the nicest amenity was. "Air conditioning and plumbing," he said, calling the bathroom "damn nice....And the generator's nice, and the refrigerator's nice. Yeah, pretty much the whole damn thing's pretty nice."Rabach said regulars include Ethan Albright and Mark Brunell, and that Randy Thomas occasionally stops by. The same Randy Thomas who told me he had never been inside. Bizarre. Also, they've been ordering food from local restaurants, and Jansen gets shipments of donuts and other treats from Michigan. You can watch Lindsay Czarniak's take here, which is what turned me on to this story in the first place. Although "turned me on" may be inappropriate, given the circumstances.

5. Warren “Rennie” Simmons is caught jogging close to nude in Ravens stadium prior to stadium afterwards pronouncing “Sorry guys, that’s my bag.” (my bag = my bad to everyone but Rennie)

4. 2004 - LaVar bombards me with grapes as I botch Hail to the Redskins in rookie hazing. Unfortunately there will be no mandatory singing for the young guys this year. Zorn Rule: No Hazing

3. 2006 – Brunell and I bring a bottle of Fauria’s nutrients (vitamins) to huddle.

It seems that Cooley, quarterback Mark Brunell and tight end Christian Fauria were having lunch after a recent training camp practice. Fauria, especially tired after the hot workout, expressed his fatigue by saying: "I need some more nutrients. "Nutrients? What kind of football player would utter a sentence like that? Cooley and Brunell couldn't help but laugh. "We made fun of him at the dinner table," Cooley said. The next day, during another of coach Joe Gibbs' hard-nosed practices, Cooley walked into the huddle and feigned exhaustion. Right on cue, Brunell produced a bottle of vitamins, wrapped in athletic tape and labeled with the word "nutrients" written in permanent marker. "He pops out about three of them in his hand," Cooley said. "He said, 'Here, I've got some 'nutrients' for you, bro.' So we both took some 'nutrients."' Needless to say, there was laughter all around, all at Fauria's expense.

2. In 2005 we played the Pittsburg Steelers. Before the game Joe Gibbs states “They got Russ Grimm over there. He believes in a lot of the same things we do. It’s going to be tough, smart, and physical.” Luckily I scored a touchdown, we win, and Joe Gibbs his happy.

1. And my all time best moment of training camp came in 2004 – One week before season begins Joe Gibbs names a slow white rookie the starting H back.

Also, here are the pictures from this morning's practice

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