Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Cooley Zone: It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt

It's only three days into the season and I have one sore ass body. If five different NFL camps have proven anything to me, it's that there is no way to fully prepare my body to take the beatings of football. I've tried working out twice a day, working out in altitude, racing my dog up and down the driveway, I've even tried sitting on my ass. Whether its preseason rest or work I've felt like dog [excrement] within the first week, progressively getting worse year after year. I think that’s what makes training camp so dreaded by all of us going through it.

Read the rest on Shudown Corner and please tell us what you think.

Also, we are going to give away 3 pairs (6) of tickets to the Redskins Rides car show on August 10 to the first 3 people to guess what my first car was. There will be no hints and I will check back tonight for the winners. Good luck.

Update: Training camp photos from today.


The answer was a Chevy Corsica.
Congrats to our winners Benji, Sean, and PeterG. (Brillo doesn't count because he is out of range and Beandip, well she doesn't need the tickets) Could the three winners please email me on how to claim their prize.

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