Sunday, December 13, 2009


I was proud to watch another outstanding team performance this week in Oakland. For us to continue to play the way we have is inspiring. Right now the Redskins on the field have truly assembled a team of guys that believe that they can win and believe in what were doing. It's a hopeful vision of our future watching so many young players rally together and play under this coaching staff, especially after the gut wrenching defeats of the last couple weeks.Everyone in DC should be congratulating our quarterback for another tough outing. In the classic words of Joe Gibbs "That guys gotta set." Beyond playing ballsy again this week Jason has continued to show his courage behind center. There is so much respect for 17 in the huddle and the locker room for is ability to not only drive our offense, but to relentlessly get off the ground. It's awesome how many times he saves drives for us in third down situations by moving in the pocket or running. I'm also blown away by his uncanny ability to slide before taking a hit - he shows his amazing athleticism every time! In my opinion this guy is the quarterback of our future.

Not one problem whatsoever with a dynamic combination of tight ends. Shake and bake baby! A great offense will put it's best 11 players on the field and I think there is no question Fred and I will make up two parts of that next season. God I wish I was out there with him right now.Brian Orakpo is unquestionably the defensive rookie of the year. Impressive for a rookie to continue to get stronger as his first season goes on. Orakpo was relentless in his pursuit of the ball carrier, he plays defense with at wild malice and I love it. It seems to me there a point in everyone's rookie season when you see when their body asks what the hell is going on and he has undoubtedly fought through that stage and started to become a huge threat as a pass rusher. On another note. I gotta pull the guy aside and tell him to stop saying "you know" so many times in his interviews. He is way to smart of a guy for such a simple interview blunder. I hate "you know" so much! Stop it! Well, I guess I've had a serious "like" problem I've been trying to shake so I can't complain too much.

Great work by Quinton Ganther. Kid is running his ass off and he is running hard. The way he has begun to fall forward and gain extra yards is impressive, it's also very demoralizing for a defense to think they have a stop and see a runner getting three, four, or five extra yards. This man is truly making the most of an opportunity and seems to get better every week. Ganther also has to give big ups to the line and my man Yoder. Like I said earlier, the old man would lay some wood this week and he didn't disappoint.Can someone tell Jamarcus Russell to try and shut his mouth every once in a while. The dude never ever closes his lips and he looks like such a moron. At least I had something to laugh about in the second half.

I'm just so happy for all the guys flying back today who can finally celebrate a road win. Everyone on that plane deserves the win. The way the guys are working to finish strong this season is impressive and I'm sure there will be n0 let down through the next three weeks. HTTR.

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Yeah for Orakpo!! Of course being a Texas girl I'm always happy to see my Horns do well ;) And I have a problem with "like" too - never realized it until I moved here because someone called me out on it. It is really hard to shake.

Hahaha dude yes! i noticed jamarcus had his mouth open the whole time too. I was like what is he doing, it was kinda creeping me out. and one time, i thought he was choking haha

o and i was wondering what you thought about moving orakpo permanently to DE, i mean we have a good set of D ends but when he's on the line he gets the qb every time, and he has struggled a little in coverage. imagine how many sacks he could get if we put him on the line every down, do you think thatll happen or theyll leave him at lb?

I cant wait to see you and Davis next year with Moss,Thomas,Kelly, and Mitchell you all will be a fierce group. I know their is going to be alot of changes this off season. I really would hate to see you go. You are my man crush with all your manliness :)

I cant shake "or what".

i had assumed that the "you know" thing was something that was coached to young players by PR or something as a way to become more comfortable with silent pauses or to at least refrain from using "like" and "um." JC is probably the worst "you know" perpetrator I've ever heard. If you were to play a "you know" drinking game with one of his press conferences, well lets just say, it would be a pretty quick game with all parties involved ending up on the floor. :)

Chris will you let Jason know that he is awesome for me, and I have always believed that he was our QB!! Great win!!! Great Game !!! Hail to The Redskins!!!

Ok since we are talking skins football, I will rant this once. To all those that said We want Cutler over Jaysin... 22 interceptions l8r... I accept your apologies... For those that wanted Sanchez over Jaysin... I accept your apologies.

Maybe this offseason we might invest some green in the O-line so our QB does not have to spend every third play peeling himself off the turf.

Ok... that is my rant... now lets burn down the play-off hopes of the Giants and then the Cowboys!!

Hey Cooley, Maybe we can start a petition to bring Campbell back next year. Without him this team will take a real step backwards, and with Clausen or McCoy or some other rookie or free agent, you guys will be starting all over again. Also they should give Zorn one more year. Its really our only chance at having a winning season next year is to bring both of them back. New coach and new QB in NFC East=4th place.

Cooooley!! We miss you on that field, but you are right, though younger guys are sure tearing it up. I am SO proud of my Skins right now -- my team is playing with heart and guts, even though folks say they have nothing to play for, we know they are playing for PRIDE. GO SKINS!!

I second the motions above: we need to drive home to the management that Campbell needs to stay in town. I know he can have a down game, but look at what he is doing when he is comfortable with his team and knows their abilities. I for one would like to see Zorn stay on as a QB coach and Sherm take over as HC. We don't need any high profile name in as a coach...

I hope Vinny and Danny see this. Obviously, I think the team will need to perform near this level or above the rest of the season for that to happen...

If jason has one more bad game, you know he's out :'(

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