Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chris on ESPN First Take

This morning Chris joined Jay Crawford on ESPN's First Take. Props to them for promoting our fan photo contest. The poll, which has nearly 50,000 votes, ends Saturday. We said we would do the 2nd part of this contest last week, but wanted to wait for the first half to finish up. So those of you who sent photos in, look for the finalists this weekend. Thanks!

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Video is processing. Should be up soon.

Great interview Chris, shows that you're beyond a great football player, but also a really good guy in general. Good luck this weekend against the Bucs, and I'll be flying from far west Texas for my first ever NFL game in Charlotte in 2 weeks.

Hail to the Redskins.

great job Chris, youre truly the best ambassador this team could have....good luck Sunday vs the bucs

Very nice!

Btw- lately- there are also men who have been stricken with breast cancer- so it is not gender-specific and just as debilitating for everyone.


great interview! you're my favorite player for so many reasons and this is one of them - you're so personable! can't wait to see you play against the bucs in your pink gear this sunday! hail!!

Shows why you are a fan favorite. Good work on raising awareness for this terrible disease. My mother is a breast cancer survivor, but I lost a cousin to this disease.

You are awesome! Going to my first game on Sunday and can't wait! Will be looking for you! You are truly what makes a great player great - on and off the field.....

Hoping to meet you again - met you last December at a signing and you were so generous w/ your time!

Go Skins!!! True fans stick behind them at all times!


Thank you. Becuase of your fan photo contest, I made it on ESPN. I told all my friends and family that one day they woud be watching me on ESPN. LOL. Im the guy with the "Life coach" shirt standing next to the Apache Helicopter in Afghanistan. Good Luck this weekend and HTTR!

@brian, From family pic #10, first I'd like to thank you for your service to our country. Be Safe and come home soon. I also thought you should know that my kids really like your pic! They thought it was awesome! I think they liked it more than our own, lol.

Hey chris,

Can you do like an art contest to score some redskins tickets. I probably wont win but ill try I use to be good at drawing then idk video games came into my life and football. But i can still make a mean dragon! =) Just a thought lol

nice win, we need to play the way we did during the third quarter throughout every game. HTTR

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