Monday, August 17, 2009

Redskins Rides 2009

I'm now driving Lavar Arrington's old Maserati. I know, it's kind of like vehicular sloppy seconds, but for a holdover car it'll do for the next couple months. Somewhere in the middle of the 2006 season I started working with Eastern Motors, thus getting awesome cars to drive around for free - and by working I really mean driving their car and pretty much doing nothing else. For the eighteen months I have driven a variety of cars ranging from a CL550 to a long bed Duramax 2500 and over that time I have developed a new respect for how cool cars can be.Per a conversation a couple months ago with Robert (the owner) we came to the conclusion that I needed a better or actually classier car to drive for the new season. Actually, Robert's exact words were "You've got redneck pretty much covered, lets get you something bad ass." He then continued to say "Nothing is out of you league, tell me what you want." I had to hand it to him, the redneck statement was pretty true. My garage currently houses a jacked up 2500 truck, a Hummer, an XLR Cadillac for the wife (really not redneck), and a 1967 Camaro. However, saying that nothing was out of my league was something that really intrigued me.

As soon as I arrived at my house I went crazy on the computer search for new cars. After over an hour I had come up with a faultless answer. Austin Martin is making a new four door model called the Rapide. If there were ever an amazing car this is it, but to my dismay it is a concept car and will not come out for at least a year, if ever. I then moved down the line to the Quattroporte. Masarati makes one hell of a four door car and before I knew it I was sitting in the passenger seat barreling through Ashburn at 130 holding on for dear life. A five minute test drive of this car was more than enough to convince me that the Quattroporte was by far the coolest car I've ever sat in.

I was nearly ready to put the order in for the Mas until I came across a Panamera Porsche packet. This new four door Porsche is absolutely beautiful. At this point, I was more perplexed than ever about what I should do. I spent a couple days thinking and while I loved the Maserati, I went out on a limb (way out - lol) and decided to go with a car almost no one will have. The only bummer about this choice will be waiting until October for the release of the car.

About a week later I got a call from my brother Tanner. He tells me there is a black Mas sitting at the Eastern motors dealership in Leesburg and he doesn't want to get my hopes up, but what possible reason could that car be there for? Less than an hour later I'm surprised with another call, this one from Robert telling me that he decided I could test out the Maserati for the next couple months while I wait for the Porsche. I laughed as he continued to tell me he was sorry Lavar's rims were still on the car and would get them changed. I told him no big deal, I don't know shit about car rims, but the Giavanna rims would suffice. He then had to explain "Brothers don't like to drive other brother's cars." And I'm wondering what the big deal is before he continues to explain "you don't wanna get shot for somewhere you've never been." Right now it couldn't get any better as far as automobiles go, as long as Lavar just chilled out. Robert's right, I don't really want to get shot.

Finally, I am completely aware how vain this post is. All I can say is that it's real life right now and it's F'ing awesome. I'll live it while I can. Also, thank you Eastern Motors - this has been so much fun for me, I can't thank you enough. You can see my new ride at Redskins Rides presented by Easterns on August 23 at Redskins park.

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Do not feel vain, half of the point of being a pro NFL player is having a ridiculous car you wouldn't have otherwise. Live it up!

Just make sure you don't put a ginormous spoiler on that Porsche, and heaven forbid, no NAWWWWWZ.

That's a pretty sweet deal you have going with Eastern Motors. Unfortunately for the athletically deficient we get stuck with a note on a car that leaks AC condensate into the floor pan, requires a clutch and timing belt replacement within a few months and a leaky roof. Two years and I've already paid more for the maintenance than I've been able to pay off on the car.

By the way, if you're looking for a fancy 4 door, might want to check out Lambo's new model.

Chris your life must be so awesome, I prefer older musle cars myself, they can be just as pricey, but no matter what you decide just be careful. My unkle was 19 in his porche in Jersey when he wrecked, unfortunatly before the jaws of life weren't made yet and he didn't make it and all my father could do is sit there and watch his brother die. All I am saying is don't let your self get the best of you and just be careful. I believe one of your best friends lost his father in a head on with a wall and I cried for two weeks straight. I still don't watch racing. As much as I would like a old muscle car, I probly won't ever own one not only couldn't I afford it, with the way I drive every stop light being the start of a race my family woulndn't want me to have one. Not saying anything would happen just realize it could and there's nothing anyone may be able to do to take it back. I don't think your family, friends and fans could handle it. And your third paragraph is what makes me write all of this. Best of luck this season, See you Sunday.

The Porsche is sweet! Good choice!

make sure you get an extra set of keys

Last year I went out there and got cool pics of the players and their cars. Chris came out and it started to rain a little, most players went inside but he didnt and signed autographs for at least an hour. I wanted to let him know that we really appreciated that. This year I am planning to take my 8 month old daughter if its not too hot and humid. I am currently in the process of teaching her how to chant COOOOOLEY.

Are you kidding me! We love this stuff Chris! That's what makes shows like Entourage so entertaining. We all dream of living the lifestyle where the sky is the limit as far as fun goes. You get to do that. Those of us that come to this site are totally appreciative of you doing your blog because we can live vicariously through you. You being from Wyoming i believe helps keep you grounded. I have a house in Grand Junction CO, and i love the mentality out here. (originally from Falls Church, VA ... oh and F@%k Taco John's by the way. that place is nasty). I've played poker for 6 years professionally full time and it has opened options for me that i never dreamed of. I would trade it all to do what you do for who you do it for. I play cards now with an Old Redskins TE from the Spurrier years, Kevin Ware. He played in 2002 I believe, and I love sitting around at the table listening to him tell stories of his playin days. Make no excuses, we are the lucky ones so sieze every moment bro. Live hard, have fun and keep us posted.

Very Appreciative
Poker Joe

First time poster. I live in Leesburg and have a 2003 Altima I could let you borrow for awhile until the Porsche comes in.... that is, IF you think you can handle it. "Its the shaggin' wagon, chicks love it".

Jon Britton

Are you thinking of the 4S or the Turbo?

Where the heck in Ashburn were you able to find a long enough stretch - without any traffic lights - to get up to 130!?! ;)

Man, watching the video... I'm convinced that Malcolm Kelly and Jason Campbell are brothers. If they hang out like it, they could turn into one of the better duos in this league...

Dear My Favorite Redskin Chris ... today's my 61st birthday and so it is self-evident that I ain't got it goin' on and it's gonna stay that way. If this in any way elicits sufficient sympathy for this aging Redskins fan, and you really, really want me to have a dream birthday, you can drop off the keys to that Mas today at my Reston NASM office on Roger Bacon Drive...heck, I'll even spring for a Big Mac from the joint across the street. Though, seriously, the real deal would be having a margarita with No. 47 if you'd care to take the old birthday lady out for a spin! 8^P All right, all right....enjoy that ride!

Porsche - There is No Substitute.

-proud owner of 1990 944s2 Cabriolet

Dont worry about the vain thing. You never miss practice and live up to your contract with Pro Bowl selections. Just if other people on the skins could be so modest. You the man Coooooley. Did u once have a awkward moment just to see what it was like??

Cooley -- you've earned it!

Probably the most consistent Redskin in your career, and you add plenty of value to Mr. Snyder's team. I'm sure your jerseys alone are a hefty chunk of change.

Just hope you have many more seasons living it up and driving to fast in Ashburn!

That porsche is sweet - live it up and enjoy your deal with Eastern Motors - what a perk!! Don't worry about sounding vain - you've earned it and we do like to live vicariously through you plus you are probably one of the most down to earth professional athletes I have ever met and nice to boot - always great with the fans. Sorry to have missed meeting you again at the Redskin Rides show.

To hell with the Panamera -- you should drive a Carrera GT!

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