Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Injury Report

I have luckily made it through training camp with nothing more than a couple scratches thus far. Yesterday was nothing different; it was a hard two a day as normal, but I was fine making it through both practices. I actually walked off the field after the second practice beaming about what a good day I had - it was really two of the best practice I have put together this season. I showered, dressed and then sauntered out of the Redskins Park for dinner.

As usual, Christy picked me up to grab some food so we could spend a little time together. Dinner breaks are about the only time we get to see each other during training camp, so we try to take full advantage of that. After leaving the park we headed to Akira Sushi Bistro in Ashburn, which is one of the only place we ever get sushi. We sat down, ordered drinks and as the miso was being delivered I dropped my napkin on the floor. Bending down to pick it up shot spasms down my back and into my legs. I made it through dinner in absolute misery, and had to cut our night short to head into the training room and get stretched out.

This morning I woke up an hour early and headed into to the park. At this point I was still planning on making an attempt getting on the practice field. I spent an hour working on my lower back in the training room, going through some heat and stem (electric current), then following up with a good stretch. Finally, I worked on a bunch of strengthening exercises on a physio ball and while I was feeling much better than when I rolled out of bed, I still felt pretty shitty. The final decider of missing practice was Colt laughing at me while I struggled around my naked body trying to put my socks on.

It's tough for me to sit out and watch practice. I know for a lot of guys it's not a big deal to hang out with minor injuries, but this was only the second practice I've missed in my career and I kind of felt like a douche. I also felt bad for Yoder and Fred Davis since they had to take the extra reps. I felt even worse talking with Yodes while he was getting his IV in the back room after the day was done.

Fortunately, this isn't a big deal. Once the muscle relaxes a little bit, which it pretty much has I will be back on the field. Now, while tomorrow may suck, there is no real worry about causing any damage. I'm just going have to tough it out a couple days. Training camps supposed to be tough. They say.

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Akria is good but have you ever eaten at Hooked in Lowes Island? Its def the best, especially in the NOVA area. Its not too far from Ashburn. Anyway...I hope you feel better! And good luck saturday :)

Hey do you want tickets to the Nats game friday? Get to see Strasburg throw out the first pitch... I'm an intern there and could definitely hook it up. Get well soon dude.

I second your opinion of Akira being good, if I could I would go to Tachibana in McLean.

Are you going to be a good fantasy option this year? Not saying you were bad last year, its just im in a PPR league and I think J-wit dawg is going to be spliting rec with Marty B. Let me know, i think you should have another post about you and the skins fantasy football draft, whenver that happens. Alright and next time get the waiter to get you another napkin dont risk it, haha.

Hey Chris,

I came to check up on the website and to leave a message telling you that you were the only Redskin (and the top one to get in my ranks) that I got in my fantasy draft today.

Now, I see that you are going through a minor injury ! Hope you get back to health for you, the team, and of course for my fantasy team ! Best of luck for you in the season man, Hail to the Redskins !

-Brian Flora (

If that's not a reason to stay the hell away from any and everything Ashburn, I don't know what is. Moved away 4 years ago and never looked back.

No more posting videos of you saying that you've never missed a practice...

Listen to your BODY... it's tellin' you somethin'.
Save the best for the regular season, please!


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What??? Chris Cooley is a mere mortal?! Say it isn't so!!! Ha.

Seriously Chris, take it easy and get that back in shape before the real season (you know, when Colt will be throwing TD passes to you in the end zone! ;)

There is nothing worse than a strained back... except for not getting any! ;) Feel better real quick, you have some butt kicking to do on Saturday!

well, just no more date nights until camp is over..

I had something similar happen. I take pride in having a strong back. I do heavy dead-lifts, good-mornings, etc, and my back feels fine. Then one day, after a workout, I reached down to pet the stupid cat and zing, I was out for a week.

Heat or ice and EStim is THE BEST! I was a trainer with WVU in college. We would set each other up after tough day just for the hell of it. MUCH BETTER THAN THOSE ICE BATHS!

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