Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fantasy Files Bloopers

To show you how much fun went into making the fantasy file videos. And a few pictures from this mornings rainy practice.

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J whit.... DAWG!!!


Funny outtakes... and NICE Training Camp pix!

dude, cooley you are the coolest mother-effer in the league. i love it

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you know what's really funny cooley? ever since you've been in the league in '04, you do lead all TE's in one stat - fumbles (with 7!). none of the elite TE's in the nfl come anywhere close to that number over that span (tony g - 1, gates - 1, witten - 3). maybe you should spend more time trying to find some hands instead of making these stpuid videos. i'm sure your teammates would appreciate it more.

Simon is obviously an ignorant hateraide drinking fool (and most likely a cowgirls fan).
No NFL player focuses on the game 24/7. As a Redskins fan I enjoy the stuff Cooley does on his blog. I have no doubts that he is also working hard to be one of the best TEs in the league yet again this season. This is a free country and people are entitled to their opinions but I wish the dickless cunts of the world like Simon would just chill. NOTE: These responses will not be necessary once the season starts and Cooley's game will speak for its self.

dude.. who comes on someones blog just 2 hate? simon people like you make me want 2 punch babys... get a life

simon sucks!!!! HTTR and CC47!

Simon's just jealous of Cooley's shorts.

simon man dont try and get crappy w/ us. go do your thing and we wont bother you either.

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