Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stupid Car Key

I played golf at Lansdowne in Leesburg Va. yesterday. Just trying to soak up the last week of no responsibility before training camp. I actually played pretty terribly, but it was great outside and definitely worth hanging out in the cart. After finishing up the round I dropped my clubs off in my car before returning the cart, because seriously, it's much too hard to carry them on my back from the clubhouse all the way to the parking lot. Anyways, I threw the keys on the front seat with my cell phone. Upon returning to the car I was welcomed to find my doors were locked. I actually don't know how the doors locked on me, I never manually locked the truck and it's pretty obvious you can't press the key fob lock when you're not inside a locked truck. I was also told that many cars have an auto locking mechanism, but I always leave the keys in the truck, always.

I do have a couple suggestions, the first being when I threw the keys in with the phone that the cell coincidentally hit the lock button upon landing on the seat, but it just seems unlikely. In addition to that, I not throwing out the fact that someone thought it would be hilarious to watch me struggle trying to get them out. Finally I think I have to consider the angry truck theory. I have driven that truck over 6000 miles in the last month, so maybe it just wanted to have a break. Actually, after more consideration, I'm sure that theory three is what happened.

Now the first thing you have to do when you lock the keys in the car is try yourself. There is a great sense of accomplishment when that door pops unlock and your hand is at the end of the clothes hanger. I know this only because I'm terrible with keys and I have made many retrievals. Although I'm great, I knew after about 5 minutes I knew I was going to need some help. A couple of maintenance guys were already on the way and arrived with big prying screw drivers. We went in through the top of the door after prying it open and tried to touch every button to no avail. The security of the truck must not allow unlocking that way.

Before I knew it there was an entourage of more than 15 Lansdowne workers and golfers combined in this effort. At one point point different groups of people were working on all four of the doors. We got close at one point to actually hitting the unlock on the key fab, but then the keys were dropped on the floor. This was not by me I assure you. There were different looping mechanisms created to try to pull the handle, which worked, but the handle wouldn't unlock the door. I actually athletic taped a stick to the antenna to try to strengthen it so it would push the buttons harder, to no avail. Keys became a major dilemma and I think it got to the point where no one would leave just because people felt they couldn't give into the key.

Then the lifesaver came into the situation. As the struggle began I called Eastern Motors for a little help. I gotta admit, it took them almost an hour coming from the Leesburg store and I had almost gave up on that solution, but he saved the day. The dude pulls out "the real stuff" a long pink stick and a door seal air bag, he then goes to work. No more than 20 seconds later I'm getting into the truck. I did feel pretty bad that I couldn't do it, but seriously I was working with an antenna taped to a tree limb. I just didn't have the tools!

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Seriously, isn't this your second post about locking your self out of your car? I had to help a friend break into her car on the 4th and 3 cops drove buy. Not one stopped to see why two people were coat-hangering a car. Have your thought about keeping a backup key in the wallet or some other item you are never without?

you may not want to admit that you always leave your keys in your truck... in case someone follows you to a gas station.

Too funny. My hus and I grew up in Park County and now live in Thermop... I know you moved to Utah when you were a kid, but once you live in Wyoming, there is no turning away from it... Just wanted to say thanks. We have two little boys and our 3 year old thinks it rocks that someone that grew up in the Big Horn Basin plays pro football. He is a big fan and never misses games... Good luck with the key thing and have a great season.

Funny coincidence, here. This is my first visit to your blog, and I also locked myself out of my car yesterday. (In Arlington, not Leesburg.) Must be nice to have Eastern Motors on the hook! I had to get a locksmith. I won't tell you how much he stuck me for the air bag and long stick trick, but afterward I needed a rape kit.

love the Prius smart key. Doors refuse to lock if the key is inside...

Wow dude...Guess it is time to focus on TD's not car keys. Be the end zone this year (selfish motive as I plan on drafting you again in my fantasy league).

You do seem to have issues w/car keys don't you Chris?! Ha. You should invest in one of those hide-a-key magnetic boxes and place it somewhere under your truck. No one would the wiser!

you should get one of those magnetic boxes for the bottom of the frame and place a key in it. it has saved me many times. when you lock em in there or walk out to your car without keys you just bend over and grab the well-hidden box! they sell them at just about any hardware store.

Keep the keys in your pocket Dude!

1-888-4ONSTAR. Yep, Onstar has remote door unlock service. They could have unlocked your door with seconds. But...we all know how you and Onstar get along!

hey chris, dude, i tried half of that for soccer training, but hell, it is hard at hell...dang, I can not believe you did that. In the video, I laughed when you took like 10 second pauses between each word(exaggerated) but wow. Nice, go Redskins!! btw, i am 14 yrs old and have a blog that I am trying to get to become more popular, post questions, leave comments, or just read. i just did a post about soccer, so if that doesn't interest you just go down. Thanks!!

locked keys in the car, used regular gas instead of diesel, and leaving your car running during an entire capitals game... maybe you should hire a driver? You could help the unemployment rate.

Your theories make me want to call you the football philosopher. I like your blog, it personalizes you. Been years since Dan Johnson's Cubs team (you as catcher and me at third, I remember some nice outs from guys trying to steal). Congratulations on your success...I like your outdoors interests. You'll have to try bow hunting--I took it up a couple years ago and it's awesome. Plus they got tons of white-tail deer back East. I was in DC two summers ago for a legal internship and went down to Virginia a lot. Wondered what area you lived in and what you did for fun (not too many Logan people in DC). I like seeing you have what looks like a ranch. The Virginia country is beautiful. We floated the Rappahannock a couple of times but I didn’t have fishing gear. Maybe next time if I’m ever back in Virginia. Best wishes for the season man, Dave Medrano

IS that a Range? If so I'd have to choose theory 3 too.

AHHHHH !!!! Chris I though you had ON STAR....
I remember your video about you not wanting directions. Did you dicontinue the service...

So my name is john and i am the guy who drove out to you and unlocked your truck, i do have to say that it was pretty funny pulling up in my jeep and seeing a circus full of people trying to get into your car. When i got out i was using someone else's tools and hadn't done that trick in a long while, so i was a little worried about breaking the tools and/or your truck... but i was pretty impressed with myself when it just was that easy. On the other side of things when you asked me to drive the cadi to your house i was pretty bored anyway so i thought "see cooley's house or go back to work" well that was a pretty easy choise, but when i was following you over that little fragile looking wooden bridge that crosses the creek in your driveway. when your big chevy drove over it a couple of the wood planks bounced up and i thought that the bridge was then going to break when i drove over it and i was going to crash your car into the creek, a little uneasy feeling. but needless to say we all came out of that alive and i was thankfull for the ride back to my car............. just felt i should add to the story scince i just found out i was in it.
good luck with the ankle,

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