Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cooley Fans Around The World: Part III

You'll have to excuse me, its been a while since I last checked in. Things have gotten a little crazy here in Austria---our coach left town, we beat the best team in Europe, and I took my first snaps at middle linebacker. But that is all besides the point, as I mentioned previously there is a phenomenon here in Europe of Redskins fans. You see them literally everywhere, and when I am bold enough to snap a picture you, the fans, reap the benefits. So here you have it, the third installment of Cooley Fans Around The World (sub-section Portis Fans Around The World).

Meet Nikolaus--- from Villach, Austria. A 'Skins fan through and through. Notice how even at a young age (12) he has learned to position himself adjacent to cheerleaders--well done young man, well done.

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her name is prolly Christy too...

FWG- Thanks for the quick read- and hang in there! Congrats on the win and the mlb play!

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