Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cooley Scholarship Fund

Photo Ned Dishman

Chris kicked off the eight school Education Fund tour at Fairmont Heights High School in Capitol Heights yesterday by sharing with the students that even though the NFL was always his dream, it wasn't always a reality.
"I'm here to talk about education and... how it's helped me get where I am," Cooley said. "This is my opportunity to help others. This is truly what matters to me.

I was always a good student. When I was younger, my parents got divorced. My mom went back to college; she became a teacher. She's been my biggest role model. I wanted to be a teacher. I thought it was the most awesome thing in the world."
This is the message we are trying to share with the students, that education is the most important thing in their young lives. And to show that, Chris is giving $5,000 to each school's academic program, and a senior from each will receive a $25,000 scholarship from the fund. The schools chosen to benefit from the Chris Cooley Education Fund were selected based on financial need, diversity, location, graduation rates and test scores.
"I really want to be involved in the community, and this scholarship program was part of the plan. I'm excited about it. I think it's going to be very cool."
Like we mentioned before, if you would like to help us out, we are going to be having an art show in May and will be auctioning off Chris's art and that of local artists and students. If you would just like to donate to the cause, please make checks payable to "DC College Success Foundation" and in the memo write "Chris Cooley Scholarship Fund." And you will need to hang onto your checks for now as we are awaiting an address to send them.

Also, while at Fairmont Heights, I gave my camera to a couple of students in attendance and asked them to take it around to see what others thought of the assembly. Some gave a great response while others used the air time for different purposes. Either way, we told them to check the blog cause they would be here you go. Enjoy.


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