Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Morning Tight End

Really this is the Monday morning chat room. Tanner joined me for our take on the weekends games. Also check back later today for exclusive Cooleyzone interviews including Brent Celek and others.

Chris: We (The Redskins) are 3-0 against the two teams in the NFC championship. It's tough not making the playoffs, but I'd rather shove my head up my ass than watch one of the two teams we beat celebrate a Super Bowl birth. Seriously, when Philly clinched it kinda felt like someone kicked me in the balls. I'm happy for some of my friends on both those teams, but I'm jealous as hell.

Tanner: After watching the Skins play this season there is one thing I learned, they played on the same level as the opposition against all but 3 teams. Those three teams played yesterday and 2 are still standing. Both the Steelers and Ravens beat the Redskins ass this year and I can't see them losing to either of the NFC teams come Super Bowl Sunday.

Chris: Although I can't stand to see purple in the championship, and after the terrible towel debacle in FedEx field I've grown a new hatred for yellow and black, but I think they are the two most deserving team right now. Both AFC defenses are unbelievable and should make for a crazy game in the AFC. Everyone knows defense wins championships and this may be the first playoff game ever to end in defensive scores only. Maybe they should just put Ed Reed and Troy Polimalu on the field and battle it out gladiator style, that's what it's gonna boil down to anyways.

Tanner: That would be interesting...the whole gladiator thing but if that were the case the game would be over in 1 or 2 seconds after Ed Reed ran up the side of Polimalu and stabbed him in the neck. He is the Achilles of his team for sure. But since they will actually be playing the game I we will get to see Ed, T-Sizzle, and the rest of the Ravens D dominate the Big Ben and the Steelers. I just hope that these teams don't beat each other up too much and give the lesser NFC teams a real shot at the title.

Chris: It will be a rough weekend for both quarterbacks. Too bad Pittsburgh's soft turf will be frozen when Ben's head hits it all day. And I'm not sure how right your gonna be about lesser NFC teams, if you remember earlier this year Philly put a beat down on Pittsburgh. This season there has been two Eagles teams, it just depends who shows up.

Tanner: Eagles....yawn. I just can't wait until the Cardinals win and Donavon McNabb says that the Eagles were still the better team in his post game presser. Then hopefully writes about how he should be in the Super Bowl. Plus if and when the Cardinals win, they will have to travel to Tampa for the Super Bowl. Everyone in the country knows that when a west coast team travels east for a game, their chance for victory goes way down.

Chris: Your way too far ahead of yourself. Philly also kicked the Cardinals ass earlier this season. I do think the game will be outstanding, but Philly wins. I can't disagree that the Cardinals have played great football, but if your Carolina and Boldin doesn't play, how do you explain leaving Larry so open all day. The guy may be the best offensive player in football right now. When I watch him go get the ball in the air I feel like I'm back at Utah State and he is a god of NFL.

Tanner: Whatever, either way we're gonna stick with Yoder's bird theory all around. Go birds! And Fitz is a god of NFL right now.

Chris: Go birds in the NFC, but the steel curtain will drop in the AFC. I'm going with James Harrison's self proclaimed best defense in the league to take down Baltimore.

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