Friday, January 9, 2009

FWG: Romanowski? Really!

DENVER (AP) — Bill Romanowski has the perfect coaching candidate in mind for the Denver Broncos, a dark horse, somebody out of the blue who's on nobody's radar — himself.

The former Pro Bowl linebacker who spends his post-playing days running a nutrition company and dabbling in broadcasting and acting told The Associated Press on Thursday night that he's serious about wanting a chance at coaching his old team.

So. Bill Romanowski wants to coach. I want my hair back. Both have about equal chance of happening. I'll put aside that I am still very surprised Denver got rid of Shanahan. I'm even more suprised that Romanowski found time in his busy supplement-making schedule to send over a 38 page presentation on why he should be the next head coach of the Denver Broncos. I imagine that the report was written at or around the same level as, "What I did on my summer vacation." Only, "Why I should be a head coach." by Billy Romanowski.

So I decided to investigate this a little further. How about this...I actually agree with a lot of his "plans for the organization." That alone may be cause for concern. But he nails two issues dead on:

1. Romanowski wants to overhaul the nutrition program for "his" players. I couldn't agree more. We spend all this time studying film and devising game plan and not nearly enough time taking care of our bodies. As Romanowski puts it, "Literally a guy mixing protein shakes...". As long as Victor Conte isn't the one mixing 'em, I agree with him on this one. A full-time team nutritionist that has one on one contact and more importantly accountability is just as important as any assistant coach you might hire.

2. Hiring someone to look after the mental health and well being of players. Romanowski may as well have been reading my diary. Millions upon millions of dollars dedicated to strength and conditioning, training, and top orthopedic facilities. And almost no money allocated to maintaining mental health. Forget that you have to be missing a few screws to want to play this game to begin with, but the stresses of performing week in and week out with your job on the line every Sunday (or Saturday), that can take its toll. Sure some teams (I know the Broncos do) have a team psychiatrist but it is hardly seen as normal going to see (let alone talk) with one. This starts at the collegiate level where the same habbits are learned (or not learned for that matter).

So while I think it would be PR suicide for the Broncos to hire Bill Romanowski, I don't think it would be a bad idea to put some of his ideas into action. A fresh perspective may be exactly whats needed.

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