Monday, December 15, 2008

"It's Pretty Bad"

Well, shit.  It's getting pretty hard to keep coming up with something to say about our team.  It's been fun keeping up with everyone on this site, but it's never been harder than now.  We have to face up to what we've created. No one could have told me we wouldn't string together three wins to finish off the season.   It's been a strange season being part of a team that works as hard as we do and seems to care as much as we do, yet has fallen off the edge.

For more than a month I've been at a loss of words concerning what has happened with the team.  I've been a part of this team for five seasons now and I can truly say I am a Redskin.  I didn't grow up cheering for the Skins, but this team is my life. Please trust me when I say I understand what winning means to our fans.  Please trust that working to win is everything to me and I will continue to do it throughout my career here.  Everyone has to be better.  I have to be better.  

On the blog side of things I went with the superstitious attitude last week to no avail. I know, it seems minuscule, but I took the pictures and this was going to be my great after the game post should we have won, so it's up. I had been going for the big hair look this season and was starting to get some length before I convinced myself for a change.  I thought since we had a chance to start fresh and just win three games, that I would start fresh with a new look.  I tried out the mohawk, but it just wasn't quite clean enough for my liking. Again with no bearing on the game considering clean was the opposite of how someone would describe our play. Superstition is bullshit.  Seriously, I just convinced myself again.  

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