Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday's Words

Great day to be back into work. I was happy to walk outside this morning and breath in the crisp 19 degree air. Nothing like looking forward to a frigid day out in Ashburn, but seriously, it was tough after a loss and especially a loss to the Cowboys to sit around and listen to everyone analyze our problems. At least today I could get back to work and as Joe Gibbs would say "FIX IT!"
Talk about Seattle was great. I learned all kinds of stuff about their team and players through meetings and film in our morning session. First of all this is no fu***** Mickey Mouse team were playing here! They don't have any Chicken Littles over on the defensive side of the ball. Another thing, we can't just go all the way over there and strut our shit....we gotta fu****** show up. We definitely can't count on this game being a picnic. Those guys don't wear skirts over there, they wear pads and they'll pound our ass if we let em'. We also discussed the personnel on the Seahawks. I guess 93 has got a motor and can really get to the ball. His motor is going all the time, as a matter of fact, I wouldn't be surprised if his motor was going right now! Anyways, you gotta love football talk, just another thing that makes this game so great. I mean, put 60 men together every year and you shouldn't expect anything different.

I felt great for practice today. For some reason lately I have been really into spinach and for lunch I served up a whopping bowl of just spinach, and well a couple tomatoes. Sounds terrible, but the Skins lunch staff makes a bad ass spinach. Whatever it was, the spinach gave me crazy energy on the field. I guess I have a new spinach experiment. Spinach, spinach, spinach. And if I hadn't said it enough in this paragraph, spinach. I'm dumb.

We got lucky with the temp on the field topping out at a whopping 37 degrees and just a nice cool breeze. I wore my best ski outfit. Gortex pants and coat, the only thing I was missing was the wool sweater. It's funny cause I really did feel like I was getting ready to go skiing. Also, we always practice outside. Always. There is no indoor facility. Following the suspected forecast for the next couple months I think I'm really going to need to perfect the ski outfit. Nice.

So to try to finish off in all seriousness. How do we need to make the playoffs? Win the seventh game. I think were off to a great start for the week.

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