Sunday, October 26, 2008

TC: Skins/Lions

Photo Matt Terl, The Redskins Blog

Casey Rabach should be a front runner for the Pro Bowl. Anchoring an offensive line that paves the way for the best runner in the NFL should be deserving of nothing less than that honor. To have CP headed for his first MVP season, allow Jason to complete 30 plus passes to three separate receivers, and to say things like this, "Oh yeah, I've thrown up on the field. That happens a lot, yeah. Guys puke all the time." makes him the number one center in my book.

Today proved to be no different. CP rushed for his fifth straight 120+ yard game and Jason completed 82 percent of his passes and the Skins had 439 total yards! If you ask me, that's a pretty damn good day at the office. Unfortunately for the fans, the score didn't reflect what the game could have been thanks to turnovers and penalties. But, a win is a win.

It's crazy that all of that happened and I haven't even mentioned Santana Moss. Even though he has the Lions record in fantasy football, the man straight knows what to do when it comes to the real thing. Today, he could not have been better. I mean Santana was so good today that players from both teams tried but couldn't bring him down!

After a sloppy win today and the first half of the season in the books I am confident to say that I, like many fans, couldn't be more thankful that the Redskins are 6-2. If they can repeat in the second half we're looking at a 12-4 record, a 2000 yard running back, 3 receivers with 60+ catches, and hopefully a large group of guys joining Rabach in Hawaii to celebrate winning in February. But for now, Monday night and the Steelers is all that matters.

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