Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So many awesome comments have gone forgotten over the my years with the Redskins. I won't stand for it any longer. Last weeks Bugel quote spurred a commitment in my note taking. Something gets said and you can bet your sweet ass it's going in my notebook.

This week our coaches were nothing short of outstanding in our NYG preparation. We even had a special owner pep talk to kick off our week and let me say Dan Snyder is a exceptional speaker. Really, no bullshit, he was awesome! He walked out the door and I was ready to put the pads on. 

After all was said, it was too tough to narrow my quote of the week to one, so I've chosen three.

Dan Synder "Redskins football is violent, physical, violent f****** football! If we play that way we will win...if we don't...we will lose.

Joe Bugel "Take that field that first play and somebody's gonna get hit in the mouth - and somebody's gonna bleed.

Sherman Smith (This one was short, but held so much value in context) "It's about team men!"

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