Monday, August 11, 2008

Time Filler

Yes, training camp is still happening. It's hard for me to believe after three full weeks of tiresome days that we would return for another, but yes, Zorn is making it happen. The thing about our current situation is we spend quite a bit of time on "breaks" or as Joe Gibbs used to term them "siestas." The team had a morning practice from 8:25 until 10:35, a special teams practice at 2:00 and then meetings from 4:00 to 5:30. We also spent two hours of the evenings meeting from 7:30 to 9:30. Everything in-between the times listed is considered down time. Players can pretty much do what they want, there just isn't time to do much of anything.

Because of the weird break schedules quite a few of the guys have come up with some hobbies. We have pool and ping pong tables, some guys plays spades, others play euchre. Fred Smoot even brought a projector and set up his own Madden league. What has amazed me is that one of the most popular past times is the games section in the newspaper. Crossword puzzles and sudoku are crazy addicting! I think this got started with the kickers, but now we have guys running all over the locker room trying to figure out clues. Tonight at dinner coach Z even wanted me to give him a clue to figure out. He may have been just testing me to find out if I was gonna bring the crossword into his meeting, but I'm figuring he's got crossword fever.

I even sacrificed my entire locker room routine because my nose was glued to sudoku. What's worse is that I used a pen and put one of the numbers in the wrong place and it ruined my whole puzzle five minutes before I had to go practice. Talk about a let down! All in all, I wasted around three hours looking at the stupid game section of the paper. Yea I know, I need some new time filler, just let me out of camp!

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