Sunday, April 20, 2008

Reebok Photoshoot

I feel like I've been traveling so much the last couple of months and this week was nothing less than what's become normal to me. At least I am getting used to the security procedures at the Dulles Airport. Soon I'll be on a first name basis with the airport crew. I've moved through DVD boxed seasons of Lost seasons 1-3, 24 seasons 1-3, and seasons 1 and 2 of One Tree Hill. After fifteen hours traveling in the last weekend to Utah, where we stayed for only three days, I landing Monday morning and I was greeted with a message from Reebok saying that I would be headed to Miami on Wednesday to do a photo shoot. Awesome.

When I think of someone with my serious modeling skills I would have planned on two, maybe three hours tops taking pictures. After I spent the first 45 minutes in the make-up girl's chair I knew I was in for a much longer day. Wake up call was 7 in the morning and my 6 o'clock flight was cutting it close. I had all the looks down though after spending the plane ride the day before studying Derek Zoolander's every move. I changed from full uniform to running sprints on rooftop. Speed ladder to playgirl centerfold. Blue Steel was written all over my face and I have to be honest, the first couple of hours were a blast.

All excitement wore off towards the end of the day and for the first time in a while it was a relief to get on an airplane. I even got to watch five extra episodes of One Tree. Who would have ever guessed it would take two hours on the runway waiting for one of the plane's air conditioners. I didn't care though I was too worried about whether or not Luke Scott was really going to make friends with his dad. Or really how I can watch such a girl show. So I guess I can end the post embarrassed.

I just want to say thanks to everyone reading this. It been cool to
do everything so far. I'm gonna try to stick around home for a while so I think I'll be able to get a couple more things up this week.

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Cooley, c'mon... One Tree Hill? Christ, man, you may make me root for Dalls if you keep that s**t up!

Kidding, of course, kidding.

So, serious question:
Xbox360 or PS3?
Halo3 or CoD$?
Gonna share your gamertag?

You should definitely check out Friday Night Lights (the TV show) on DVD. It's like a much, much better One Tree Hill.

I am way too old to own an NFL player's jersey and wear it anywhere other than my living room. But, man, Cooley is just about the coolest player around.

Great blog, Chris. I hope you keep it up. You've got a ton of fans and we all appreciate both your play on the field and attitude off it.

My fiancé makes me watch that... what's your excuse? ha ha just playin'.

It's too hard to pretend like I'm not watching when she puts it on, so I just gave into it.

p diddy? Is that you, old friend? How's the West Coast treating you?


Chris I have a bet with a friend and I need you to confirm. In the 2nd picture you appear to be yawning. My question is what is the object the man to your left is holding near your face? I assume it is a geiger counter because you radiate due to your special mutant powers. My friend thinks it is some kind of microphone. It was a geiger counter, yes?

Followup: Can you reveal the full extent of your mutant powers? I figured out mind control (over opposite sex) and superhuman strength and speed, but there is a rumor on the internet that when you wear a t-shirt, it actually grows a soul and becomes sentient. Can you confirm?

I never thought I would say this to Chris Cooley but You may need to turn in your Man Card.

Go buy "The Wire" seasons 1-4, that should get you back in good standing.

What you NEED to watch is Dancing with the Stars..... ACTUALLY, CAN YOU GO ON IT?!?!!? That way, I can have a Redskin to watch and have a good excuse to stare at all the hottie dancers on there when my wife grills me! lol... and I'm only 26... wow.

Skin Patrol The thing they are holding by Cooley is a Light Meeter used by pro photographers and Filmmakers like myself to measure the light so that they can adjust the shutter speed properly.

Keep up the posts Chris I love your blog.

Every time I come to your site and a new post isn't up yet a little part of me dies.

I can't wait to see you guys on the field at Fedex this year.

One Tree Hill??

I mean really, Chris?

Nevermind I cried during the movie Titanic, but I would never watch One Tree Hill...

Just joking

Dude, I watch The Hills on MTV and I'm a dude. I think that makes me more of a flamer (not that there's anything wrong with that) than you.

F*** it. If Chris Cooley watches One Tree Hill, I will watch One Tree Hill. Everything he does is badass!

Steve... His man card is already in Christie's purse..who cares as long as she let's his balls out so he can use them on the field!!, you are catching hell on here!

Capt. Choas, We love you and the blog!!!!

You a hockey (more specifically the Caps) fan at all?

You should really look ino watching Weeds season 1 and 2 on dvd! Awesome show!!!!

Anonymous - I hear Ricky W. has a Weeds Viewing party every week. Kind of like the old Twin Peaks parties with coffee and pie, but his are a bit more... well... organic.

Chris...u don't have to be embarrassed about watching One Tree Hill. It's all good, i won't think less of you man! You and Christy should check out The Hills on MTV. It's a pretty good show and it rocks!! LOL

I understand using "Blue Steel" as the go to look, but I would recommend throwing in "Le Tigre" and "Ferrari". Money shots always pull out "Magnum", just watch that left turn.

Chris, I mean seriously... "One Tree Hill????" COME ON DUDE, you're joking right? Do not listen to the people that say to watch "The Hills" or we really will revoke your Man Card! I have to agree with the blogger above to go get "The Wire." It's very cool b/c it's filmed in Baltimore. I'd also highly recommend "The Shield," which is a freaking awesome, VERY manly show that has several seasons on DVD. Lots of sex, violence and bad language, you'll love it! Ha. And another good one is "Rescue Me." Highly recommend you do that PRONTO! Then report back to us. Thanks again for for the awesome blog! :) Much love!!!

Watch Friday Night Lights, it will change your life

Can I borrow those three seasons of LOST?

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